Factors that Influence Your Body Type

Body image can get in the way of living a happy life. It’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight. This is a shocking trend and as far as health is concerned, where you carry most of your weight influences your health status. On one hand, the pear-shaped body carries most of the fats around the hips and thighs. On the other hand, the apple-shaped body has the extra weight on the upper body, specifically around the waist and belly.

Why Body Type Matters

It’s critical to know your body type because the health risks vary. Excess weight and where it’s located on your body play an important role in helping you and the doctors know the risks you may encounter.

If you’re an ‘apple’, for example, it means you carry your weight around your waist or belly. According to experts, the bigger your waistline, the higher the risks. Waist fat is very unhealthy and is the reason ‘apples’ should be extra careful with their lifestyle. So, why are some people apples while others are pears?

Factors that Influence Your Body Type Genetics

Your parents’ genes have much to do with your body type. According to research, if both your parents are obese, the chances that you’ll be overweight are more than 50 percent. If one parent is obese, your chance of being obese is 30 percent. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy normal life. Eating the right diet and exercising can remove excess fat.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

People with high metabolism don’t put on weight easily regardless of how big the portion size is or how many fattening foods they eat. While this is an advantage, such people can also experience fatigue, excessive sweating, and rapid heart rates.


What you eat pretty much determines how you look. Body weight and muscle growth are all dependent on the concept of calories. If you eat uncontrollably simply because you exercise, then you’ll grow fat and muscle at the same time. The fact is, if you use more calories than you take, you lose weight. Whilst, if you eat more calories than you use, you gain weight. Some people give up on carbs entirely to aid in weight loss. However, experts warn that this might have a negative effect on your health. Your best bet is to eat a combination of healthy foods that make up a nutritious and healthy diet. Junk foods, sugary foods and drinks, and unhealthy fats are directly associated with weight gain and are among the leading causes of obesity and overweight. Eating habits, meal patterns, and portion size also contribute to obesity. Meals consumed in restaurants are not as healthy as those prepared at home. Apart from high fat and caloric content, they are served in larger portion sizes. This encourages overeating, which leads to an increase in fat deposits, and hence weight gain.


Food alone isn’t enough to shape how your body turns out to be. The calorie you take needs to be utilized to prevent the storage of excess energy as fat. But, your caloric intake should be sufficient to support the physical activity that you’re performing and prevent muscles mass. Additionally, the type of exercise you undertake determines what body shape you’re going to have. Take runners, for example, they have less body fat and their bodies are lean. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, are muscular with a compact body. Those who practice yoga are more flexible and walk with confidence because yoga targets your physical and mental wellbeing. The type and amount of exercise you dedicate yourself to will ultimately determine the outcome and how much fat deposits you burn.

Age and Sex

As we age, we start to lose lean body mass and fat content in our bodies increases. This happens when we pass the age of 30. Loss of muscle mass and bone strength also starts to creep in. The best way to combat this is by exercising regularly to keep the muscles intact and improve bone strength. Research shows that women have the potential to store more fat than men. Hormones play a big role in this and most of the fat in women is stored around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.


Admittedly, maintaining healthy body weight is a complicated issue. With so many factors affecting your body shape, finding a fitness program that fits your personal goals is important. On top of that, it’s crucial to maintain a regular workout plan and eat a healthy diet whenever possible. You also need to realize that different training programs achieve a different kind of results. Are you working out to improve your physical appearance or to improve your fitness level? Staying fit and healthy needs dedication and commitment, and with the right mindset, everyone can achieve this.

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