7 Foods That Really Aren’t “Food”

fake foods to avoid

Bet you thought that cheese, crab, cream and gum were all food. Think again. Many of our favorite foods are anything but food. They are more like a science experiment in middle school. Don’t believe it? Just read the labels. How many of those names do you recognize? How many can you pronounce? And “You can’t believe it’s not butter”. Well, believe it! And here are seven other examples of “food” that you might want to take a closer look at because strictly speaking, they aren’t food at all.  Read More…

1. Peanut butter that’s not peanut butter

How about some peanut-flavored sugar oil for your crackers? Oh, you mean peanut butter! Just doesn’t sound the same, does it? But it’s a lot more accurate than peanut butter. And it isn’t supposed to include sugar, but it does-at least two types. So what should really be included in this product? Peanuts, that’s all.

2. Potato chips that aren’t potato chips

Take a real good look at that tube of stacked ovals called “potato crisps”, not potato chips. That’s because they aren’t potato chips. The potato content in some of these is as low as 40%. The remaining portion is made up of rice flour and miscellaneous starches just to make up the difference. Strange when many other chip manufacturers are actually using real potatoes.

3. Mayonnaise that’s not mayonnaise

Mayonnaise isn’t really trying to fool anyone. To be officially classified as “mayonnaise” it needs to include at least 65% vegetable oil. So what do they do instead? It’s called “dressing” and its major ingredients are soybean oil, vinegar and water. Does it taste like mayonnaise? Yep. Is it mayonnaise? Nope.

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4. Chocolate that’s not chocolate

Oh, you love chocolate chip cookies. But wait a minute! Isn’t that really a chocolate chip-flavored cookie? You see, to be a real chocolate chip cookie it must contain cocoa butter, and your chocolate-flavored cookie uses cheaper vegetable oils instead. Yet another fake!

5. Crab that’s not crab

If you look at the label of imitation crab, you’ll see that it actually says, surprise, it isn’t the real thing! So if it isn’t crab, what is it? Well, try ground-up white fish, plus a bunch of texturizing additives, sugars, flavoring and food dye (where do you think they got that pink color from?) Some use wild harvested fish. So why haven’t they considered just using crab and skip the mystery?

6. Whipped cream that’s not whipped cream

You probably guessed this one. When you see this fluffy stuff, you’ve probably wondered what’s in it? Well, it might be hard to imagine that there are as many as 14 ingredients in this airy “food”. So when you ask for “whipped cream on top”, what you really mean is “whipped topping on top”.

7. Gum that’s not gum

All you teens out there, sorry to tell you that most gums are made from “gum base”, which is a blend of rubber and plastic (yuck), not the natural product harvested from trees. Plus, they are loaded with a ton of artificial sweeteners.

Bottom line: You can buy all of this stuff in your grocery store. But should you? What you need to do is look closely at the ingredients so you’ll know what you’re getting. And if you don’t like what you see, or can’t pronounce it, maybe you should just keep looking.

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