The Top Fat-Burning Foods

If you are looking for a healthy, natural and credible way to lose weight, you certainly are at the right place. To help you choose wonder-foods that will help you meet your health goal(s), we have compiled a list of the top fat-burning foods that you should adopt in your diet:

Beans And Legumes:

What makes beans amongst the best fat-burning foods is that they contain minimal calories but are highly rich in fiber and protein. Since the body takes more time and uses more energy to break down proteins, more fat will be burned and, it will take a while before you start feeling hungry again. So other than them enabling you lose weight, you will also have a well toned body. In this case, the best beans and legumes to adopt include lentils, pinto beans, cannellini beans or the plain black beans.

Lean Meats:

Since the body uses more energy to burn the calories while digesting proteins, eating lean meats will prompt the body to use even more energy digesting them. More importantly is that lean meats don’t contain saturated fats. Examples of lean meats that you can consider adopting include tuna, salmon or turkey.

Whole Grains:

Eating whole grains will keep you from constantly getting hungry. This is because they are rich in fiber. Thus, the body will have to use more energy to break down the fiber. Examples of whole grains to adopt include brown rice and plain/unsweetened oatmeal.

Green Tea:

Other than being highly rich in antioxidants, green tea is also the perfect metabolism booster. Thus, it plays a key role in enabling one’s body burn fat fast. In fact, it is believed that drinking green tea can enable you burn at least 266 extra calories in a single day!

Chia Seeds:

By them being highly rich in fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, chia seeds play an important role in not only suppressing one’s appetite but also boosting their metabolism. Also, the seeds turn on glucagon which is a major fat burning hormone.

Hot Pepper:

The capsaicin present in hot pepper enables the body melt additional calories. You can choose to take your peppers powdered, raw, dried or cooked. Examples of hot pepper to try include cayenne pepper or simply any hot sauce.


What makes grapefruit an ideal fat-burning food is that is increases the rate of metabolism hence burning lots of calories. Other than this, it’s rich in fiber hence eating it will leave you feeling fuller for longer.


By it containing mono-saturated fats, an avocado speeds up the rate of metabolism. In addition, avocados protect the cell’s energy producing part from all form of radical damage.

Brazil Nuts:

What makes Brazil nuts exceptional is their ability to speed up the rate of metabolism. This is enhanced when through the conversion of basic thyroid hormone to T3.


Eating eggs has been scientifically and medically proven to aid in metabolizing fat. Generally, this is due to the presence of Vitamin B12 in eggs.


How does celery help in fat-burning process? Aside from it containing minimal calories, it burns more fat than you’ve eaten.

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