Five Reasons for Your Hair Loss

prevent hairlossRemember that fabulous hair you have when you were twenty? You could wear it any old way, and it still looked good. No matter how much torture you put it through, your hair always bounced back. However, as we get older we may notice that our hair is not as it once was or at least not as much as it once was. When there is more and more hair left in your brush and in the shower every day, you begin to wonder what may be happening to your hair and if you should worry. Some hair loss is normal. Most people loose around 150 strands of hair each day, but if you notice inordinate amounts of hair loss you naturally want to know what could be causing it. Five reasons for your hair loss are listed below.

DNA and Hair Loss

Our DNA can be a factor in hair loss. 30 million women suffer from androgenic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, which is a hereditary issue with the androgen hormones in our body. Women typically suffer an all-over thinning of the hair. Rogaine and other over the counter drugs have been effective in stopping hair loss and in some cases can even allow the follicles to start growing new hair.

Medication or Illness Causing Hair Loss

Certain medications or illness can cause hair loss. Acne medications as well as cholesterol lowering medications, birth control, anti-coagulants, anti-depressants, immunosuppressant drugs and some antibiotics can cause hair loss. If you take any of these medications and are experiencing large amounts of hair loss, contact your physician.

Hair Care

Our hair care could be causing hair loss as well. If you wear tight braids or updos often you could be breaking your hair. Vigorous brushing of wet hair can also cause breakage. Always comb wet hair with a wide tooth comb to detangle and prevent breakage. Also use hair friendly elastic or silicon elastic band and be cautious when using pins to secure hair. Be extra careful when removing hair accessories to minimize breakage. Reference – Wash Your Hair The Right Way

Hair Loss From Stress

Stress can cause hair loss. We may not notice hair loss until a few months after a stressful situation has passed, so we don’t relate the hair loss to the stress. However, stress can affect our nervous system and our diet which can lead to follicle or scalp changes. This may not become apparent until a later time when those follicles are trying to shed or grow new hair.

Hormones Causing Hair Loss

Hormones are a big culprit when it comes to hair loss. Pregnancy and menopause are the two biggest hormone changes that lead to hair loss. An increase in estrogen, trouble with your thyroid, and insulin changes can also lead to an increase in hair loss. These conditions need to be monitored by a doctor and blood tests done to check your hormone levels.

Knowing these five reasons for your hair loss can help you determine if you are losing hair normally or due to a medical condition that may need to be treated by your doctor.

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