Flu Food: 10 Recipes to Fight the Cold and Flu

10 Cold & Flu Fighting Recipes

Suffering from the winter virus? We feel you. And if you have yet to be struck by the rampant cold you are probably downing Emergen-C and washing your hands like crazy to keep the germs away. (Or using our fave flu-fighting products and hiding under the covers).

Either way, a balanced diet of immune-boosters can help you overcome your symptoms or keep them away so you don’t have to buy out the pharmacy section.

Mom’s chicken noodle soup has some competition with these top recipes for cold and flu-sufferers. If you ask us, they are just what the doctor ordered:

Vitamin C Boosters

Vitamin C is your pre-cold BFF. Keep your immune system strong and healthy with these orange juice recipes.

1. Whole-Wheat Orange Juice Muffins from Cooking Light

No one said your OJ intake had to come straight from a glass.

Whole Wheat Orange Juice Muffins


2. Orange Juice Braised Sweet Potatoes from Food Network

Perfect for the bottom of the orange juice carton. It just makes sense to put all orange items together in one dish.

Orange Juice Braised Sweet Potatoes


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