Food Pyramids from Around the World

Food Pyramids Around the World

Summer is near which also means, for some of us, travel is in our future. While your mind is likely on what to pack, what sites you will be seeing and how many hours you can clock on the beach, another thing to consider before you head out on your adventure is food. After all, food is a common language wherever you are.

The US Food Pyramid may be a thing of the past, but many countries around the world still use a version of the pyramid to share nutritional advice with their citizens. While we have adopted the MyPlate model, countries elsewhere have gotten creative with their proposed eating guidelines.

There are a lot of similarities found from country to country. Many strive to have a similar ration of proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy like the US has but others are specific to the region—like cereals being a major part of Hungary’s eating habits.

Check out the eating habits of other cultures so you know what to expect in the nutrition of each meal you are served when you are away from your homeland:

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