Foods That Put You in a Bad Mood

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There is a direct relationship between what you consume and your mental and emotional health. Research suggests that there is a connection between eating patterns and depression. Diet based on whole foods like fruits, vegetable, healthy proteins, and whole grains are associated with lower risk of depression compared to processed foods. Certain diets can fluctuate your moods by altering the way you feel or interact hence you need to take care of your health to stay happy. Be careful with food items that cause an imbalance within your body if consumed beyond a certain limit. Such food can lead to severe disorder like anxiety. Here are seven types of food that can put you in a bad mood.


A cup of coffee in the morning puts us in a lively mood, but several cups can produce cortisol which is a stress hormone. This hormone can cause adrenal fatigue, depression or mood swings. Furthermore, caffeine addiction can bring about headaches and lack of energy which can negatively affect your mood. Ensure to take coffee in moderation or try other alternatives like matcha tea or green tea.

Soft Drinks

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Sugary drinks are considered unhealthy and excessive consumption of these drinks can raise your energy then cause a crash which leads to irritability. The simple carbs in soda are absorbed into the bloodstream immediately giving your body a brief energy boost which then results in a crash of your mood. This can affect your blood sugar control, energy levels, and ultimately giving you a bad mood. Studies show that people who drink at least two sodas a day are likely to wind up with a belly which is similar to beer belly.

Agave Nectar

Most people use agave nectar as an alternative to sugary syrups in their cocktails but this is not true. The plant bearing agave nectar is extremely high in fructose which is terrible for your health and can cause mood swings. Fructose is not easily metabolized which can lead to high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol, and risk of heart disease or stroke, therefore, giving you bad moods. Agave alternative includes Manuka honey which can help heal wounds, helps in digestion and maintains healthy hair. You need a product with positive side effects to help with your overall mood.

Canned Foods

Almost all canned food contains high levels of sodium which can affect your mood negatively. Also, canned foods contain an addictive substance called BPA (bisphenol A) which is tied to chronic mood disorder and anxiety. When shopping, try to buy fresh food but if you must buy canned food make sure to look for “no sodium added” and BPA free.


Simple carbs in bagels make you feel all over the place for a short while. However, the feeling goes away within no time which affects your focus, alertness, energy and causes depression. Also, bagels are made up of white grains which have no nutritional value and can spike the blood sugar causing bad moods. You can choose ‘good’ carbs like sweet potatoes and steel-cut oats as opposed to bagels if you want to keep your sugar levels steady.

Deli Meats

The preservatives, coloring, and additives in deli meats play a huge factor in putting you in a bad mood. These chemicals could also cause bloating, headaches, your body to hold water or mood swings which should be avoided at all cost. It’s better if you roast and slice your own meat, but this might take longer. You can also shop for other deli meats alternatives.


Alcohol makes you feel good momentarily, then you feel a rapid shift in your moods which can leave you feeling low. Plus, alcohol is considered as depressant meaning it can disrupt the chemical balance of the brain. This imbalance affects your actions, thoughts, and feelings causing bad moods. You need to take alcohol in moderation to avoid chaos, irritation, anxiety, and depression which is a common issue.

Salted Peanuts

It’s recommended that you eat a handful of nuts for healthy snacking. However, the salted or store-bought nuts are not the best choices since they contain sodium and MSG additive. This can leave you feeling weak, depressed, fatigued and moody. You can make your own mix of raw walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts which is a healthy diet.


As Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. Since what we consume influences our brain chemistry, better choices can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember to take into consideration sugars, omega-6 fatty acids, and additives when choosing your diet. It’s important to take time to be informed so as to eat well, stay healthy and be happy. Thanks to the above content, you have all the information you need to keep your mood in the right track.

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