Four Beauty Products You Should Avoid

These days, most everyone will do whatever it takes to look decent, no matter the cost. Surgeries, changes, products – options to uphold and enhance beauty surround us; thousands of options are at our disposal, and we usually go with whatever works best to get the job done. Is it all safe, though? Likely not, and the more you research, the more you’ll see that there are definitely some beauty products out there that you should avoid.

Permanent Hair Dyes

You can smell it when you apply the dyes from home… it’s a strong chemical smell that can actually make you dizzy. At the very least, you need to open some windows or turn a fan on to minimize the smell. Can you imagine what those chemicals are doing internally? Studies show that hair dyes that are made to last are lined with chemicals that are linked to bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and myeloma. If you want to color your hair, do it with products that are tested and approved for safety.

Bright Eyeshadows and Eyeliner

We’ve all seen those flashy bright colors that sparkle above the eye. While great for drawing some attention to the face, these types of bold, bright colors that shimmer are bad for your health. Why? Aluminum powder is the ingredient responsible for that flawless shimmer, but it’s also an ingredient that shows strong links to neurotoxicity and cancer. If you’re interested in bright, shimmery eye make up, make sure that the product you’re looking at doesn’t have aluminum powder; good luck finding one, as most of them do.

Vitamin A Sunscreen

What you think you’re doing is spreading on a moisturizing, sun protectant that’s chock full of other necessary vitamins that your skin needs. What you’re actually doing is providing your body with a artificial vitamin that reacts negatively when exposed to the sun. It’s all well and good in night creams, but to put it in sunscreen? You’re asking for trouble. This vitamin, while not necessarily bad for the body without sun exposure, has been known to cause cancer on skin exposed to sunlight.

Mineral Make Up

Mineral make up is all the rage right now; we’re straying from the creams and foundations that clog pores, and trending toward light and airy powders that look great, but feel barely there. So, what’s the problem? These mineral powders and foundations have iron oxides and mineral pigments that have previously associated with lead, arsenic, and mercury. Studies have shown that over 90% of mineral make ups contained these toxic metals, but in “safe” amounts, at least according to the FDA. While that may be true, it’s important to know that these toxic metals can build up over repeated exposure and increase the risks for a variety of health problems.

For people who insist on using mineral make up, vitamin A sunscreen, hair dyes and, bright eyeliner… beauty make come at a greater cost than what they originally bargained for.




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