Four Super Effective Exercises for Toned Legs

tone LegsLower body exercises which target areas such as the calves, thighs and quads are an essential part of a holistic fitness regime. The physical activity will build strong muscles which will minimise the risk of injuries to the knees, ankles and even the hips. You will also enjoy increased range of motion in your lower body and increased speed and flexibility during general athletic activities. In addition, toned legs always look absolutely amazing particularly in bathing suits, shorts and dresses. Here is a short description of four super effective exercises for toned legs that you can perform at home.

Split Squats


The split squat routine targets the quadriceps and the butt area for a firmer look. Obtain a simple chair and stand about two feet or so in front with your back to it. Bend and place the top part of your left leg on the seat. Perform a squat such that the right leg creates a perfect right angle with the knee in line with your ankle. Lift your body to the original position to complete one cycle. Ideally, you should do at least fifteen reps on one leg before changing to the other. You will reap more fitness benefits by doing two to three sets during each session.

Pistol Squat

Like the split squat, this routine will improve the muscle tone of your legs quadriceps and the butt area. Stand in a clear area with your feet apart and your fists together in front of your chest. Next, lift your right leg forward such that it is positioned above the floor. Lower your body into a squat with the left leg bent to around 90° and lift the right leg in front of you to align with the hip level. You can start with the right heel hovering close to the floor and build up to lifting it properly. Perform fifteen squat reps on each leg and if possible, do two to three sets.

Goblet Squat


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The goblet squat is ideal for toning the entire leg because it is focussed on calves, inner thighs, butt area and the hamstrings. It is similar to a regular squat but you will need a good dumbbell for maximum effectiveness. Stand with your feet placed apart; the width should be wider than your shoulder width. Hold your single dumbbell in an upright position with both of your hands and elbows bent outwards. Lower the body into a squat with your knees at a perfect ninety degrees. Rise from the squat to complete the cycle and perform three sets of at least fifteen reps each.

Three-Way Lunge


The three-way lunge will tone the quads, inner thighs and the hamstrings. Stand up with your feet apart; the space should be about the same as your hip width. Additionally, clasp your hands together at your chest for maximum effectiveness. Lunge your left leg forward while bending the right knee to a right angle. Return to the original starting position and lunge the same leg to the side. Finally, stand again and lunge the leg backwards in order to complete a single rep. Repeat the three-way sequence with the other leg and perform at least twenty reps while alternating.

You must be consistent in performing these super effective exercises for toned legs if you want good results. If you are a fitness newbie, you can start with fewer reps per set and build up your strength.

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