5 Great Ways to Make Cardio More Fun!

Here’s the deal – part of the reason why people slack off on their workouts over long stretches of time is because they become bored of the same old routine. All those cardio machines (think treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, etc.) often get old after a while – even if you are watching your favorite episode of Friends while you run.

Take our advice: Change up your cardio routine every few months. Your body will not only appreciate the change, but it will improve your stamina, endurance and your mind as well.

Here’s how you can get back on track with just the right changes – making “fun cardio” a real thing.

Go to a Class

If you’ve been doing cardio all alone for as long as you can remember, it’s no wonder you’re getting bored. Even the best playlists that get you pumped and ready to run can become stale and de-motivating over time.

It’s times like these where you need some accountability and someone who’s hanging right there with you during your workout. Why not have an instructor who’s focusing all their efforts on pushing everyone – including yourself – harder.

Perhaps one of the best parts of group fitness is that your workouts aren’t limited to one kind. There’s everything from Zumba, cycling, yoga, pilates… the possibilities are truly endless. Why not try something new every week?

Think about joining a gym with classes or getting bulk rates at local boutique fitness studios.

Find Some Trails

If running is your thing, you’ll probably still get bored running in the same location over and over again, especially if that’s in a particular neighborhood or indoors and on a treadmill.

Venture out a bit; find a trail or go off the beaten path to find some beautiful scenery for the jog. It’s the difference between running on a track and running cross country – one is way more mentally fulfilling than the other.

Try Tabata

Tabata workouts are simply intense interval workouts. Part of the beauty of a tabata workout lies in the amount of time it takes to complete one (about 10 minutes), the other part lies in the fact that it’s so versatile and is compiled of whatever workouts you want.

Simply choose 8 exercises, things like squats, lunges, jump rope, planks, boxing… and do 20 seconds of each as quickly as you can, with 10 seconds of rest rest in between, switch between all 8 exercises. Two rounds of the 8 exercises will have you sufficiently winded for a great cardio experience.

Go Swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways to get in your cardio, but most people just don’t do it unless it’s summer time and they’re already at the pool or beach.

Going swimming in the wintertime will be a great way to change things up in your routine, and you’ll likely have the whole indoor pool to yourself since people tend to not think of swimming in colder weather.

Besides that, swimming is great and many people often forget they’re raising they’re heart rate substantially while practicing.

Train for Something

Sometimes all we need to change up our routine is to set goals. We tend to level out or plateau on one cardio setting, say, running 3 miles a day, and we get bored because we don’t push ourselves beyond that point.

Set one big goal for yourself, say, a half marathon by the end of the year. Afterwards, you can set small goals for yourself and push yourself to meet them as you make progress toward your larger goal. Having short term and long term goals in cardio will help keep you focused and somewhat entertained with the task at hand when you embark upon another run.

Boredom is dangerous when it comes to exercising. Go to a class, find a trail to run on, do a tabata workout, go swimming or set some concrete goals… you’ll be happy that you did. Who doesn’t want to make cardio more fun?

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