8 Things Girls In New Relationships Do But Will Never Admit To

When I first started dating my now husband I was a crazy person. Only a few days after our first date I called every member of my family and close friends to tell them about him, I started referring to the two of us as “we” and I even told my mom to save him a place at Thanksgiving. Looking back on my behavior I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out with me then, much less date me. Some how the crazy subsided and my relationship developed into what it is today. Those first few months though were embarrassing. Good thing is, I was not alone in what I like to call “New Love Syndrome.”

  1. “Oh, Is That Mine?”

Once I had made it into my then boyfriend’s apartment, I had to claim my space. Something in my head made me want to act like a dog and mark my territory. After I had incorporated my toothbrush, blanket and perfume into the house,  anyone who stepped in knew a woman had been there and she wasn’t going anywhere.

  1. Our Five Year Plan

I knew exactly how he was going to propose, what I was going to plant in the garden of our house and the name of our first born child. This was after our fifth date. None of that actually happened but it sure was fun to think about.

  1. Letting Go

You know those guys you keep around to flirt with you when you’re feeling vulnerable but never actually go on a date with? They had to go. It was a bittersweet parting for sure.

4. The Art of Facebook Stalking

Facebook has taken paranoia to a whole new level. Thanks to Facebook you can now spend endless hours stalking every single girl your boyfriend is tagged in a picture with. God forbid your friends with one of them. I had to spend some serious energy keeping myself from writing passive aggressive comments on their walls.

  1. He’s a Fixer Upper

As perfect as he is, there is always room for improvement and you’re the woman do it! Once you replace all that cheeze wiz with veggies and provide him with some appropriate cleaning materials he might just be marriage material.

  1. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

At the end of the day, all women know they’re crazy. For some reason we think it’s a good idea to test his crazy intake by making him jump through a series of insanity hoops. If he can handle your deepest, darkest secrets from childhood he can handle anything…right?

  1. All the Dirty Details

You had to sit and listen to you friends talk about all the weird things their husbands do in bed. At last you have the chance to come back with your own story about your boyfriend’s junk!  Its like a right of passage for the monogamous. Thou must tell thine girlfriends about yon lover’s junk. Good thing is you are all to happy to oblige.

  1. Inspector Gadget

The first time you are alone in his apartment is spent going through his stuff. You’re not snooping per say but the mysteries of the medicine cabinet and the bedside table are too alluring to resist. Just don’t get freaked out by what you find.

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