8 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy normally doesn’t come to mind when we go out to eat. For healthy eating, enjoying delicious comforting food can give you a healthy spin which you’ll grow accustomed to love.

Sometimes We Feel Like a Healthy-Nut; Sometimes We Don’t

Missions for some ‘healthy-nuts’ will say they were struggling when they first began their mission on their ‘nutty diets’ but when it comes to one’s personal health, eating healthy is all worth it. Why? With chronic habits come chronic illnesses, they can be a factor. So, can hereditary and aging for that matter.  Most people succeed after awhile because what we tend to do while we eat healthy is realize that it’s not only for looks, it’s for our health! Really; our health is the main reason why our doctors tell us to lower our cholesterol or why we need to stop smoking because our blood pressure is too high, or we need to eat more greens and beans because our iron is too low, or drink less caffeinated drinks.

Yet, when we think of diets we think of less food; no chocolate, chips, and sodas. What we do tend to forget is to memorize what we should be eating and that’s healthy. Let’s get started in these eight tips for healthy eating. We can eat healthy without starving ourselves and still feel full and not feel like a fool while doing so.

  • Fish. “…[In] Jerusalem, they found the ELEVEN gathered together, and Saying, Truly our Lord has risen and has appeared…[two disciples] also…they knew him as he broke bread…while they were discussing these things, Jesus stood …and said to them, Peace be with you…Have you anything here to eat? They gave him…BROILED FISH and …a honeycomb…HE TOOK IT AND ATE BEFORE THEIR EYES” [Luke 24:33-43 KJV]…Fish is one of the healthiest foods which we are told to eat twice a week. Lean and a healthy source of protein; tuna, salmon, sardines, which are the oily types of fish, gives our hearts and brains healthy omega-3 fats. The fish recipes an individual can create with fish are amazing. In fact, as a reminder, fish, being the main course, can be eaten with just about any vegetable.
  • Fruit. For the largest part fruit consists of water just like the human body does; Fruit is 100% bad-cholesterol free; stimulates memory; makes us feel great with astonishing healing effects, plus, one of the most natural foods to eat. Learn the art of juicing for more powerful and healthier results!
  • Starches

Foods like this are common in every household; it should be required in healthy diets. These types of foods have fewer than half the calories of fats per gram; you’ll feel fuller.

  • Potatoes (more fiber, vitamins, and minerals with the skin on.)
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Grains

Essential are the grains which seem to receive less attention.  Maybe it’s the sound of it?  It may sound blan, tasteless, dull…but that’s because some people eat something like rice cakes with nothing on it. Add these grainy recipes so you can put flavorful, tasty and colorful foods in your quest for the healthy diet.

  • Saturated Fat and Sugars

Cheese, butter, pastries, cream, pies should be avoided since they are loaded with saturated fats (increasing your blood cholesterol levels) unlike unsaturated fats can be found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, oily fish and avocados.

  • Eat Less Salt

High blood pressure is associated with high salt intake; with a greater risk of it, the chances of you developing a stroke or heart disease rises. Normally, it comes from processed foods rather than salt added during cooking or eating at the table. So, check food labels for salt content, and watch for it: For adults less than 6 gram for adults, children less than that.

  • Breakfast

For those who don’t like eating breakfast, shame on you! Eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It’s your fuel for the day that you will be need, not to forget your body and your mind. Here are some simple healthy breakfasts recommended by Katherine Perry of Women’s Health Mag.com.

  • Reading the Menu Read between the lines when it comes to menus. Lots of times, Here are some perfect examples in menu item choices that you must pay attention to:

Foods served with cream, butter or thick gravy, garlic mushrooms, jacket potatoes, tortilla chips with sour cream and salsa.

Fried foodfrench fries, chips, pilau, or egg fried rice, fried chicken, deep fried foods, chicken wings.

Foods where cheese features heavily, ricotta-filled cannelloni, deep fried camembert, jacket potato skins with cheese and cream, Mexican cheese and meat dishes, burrito, chimichanga.

Pastry dishes – Beef Wellington, pies, tarts.

Salad dressings based on oil –ask for them on the side, and use small amounts.

High fat desserts, crème brulee, rich chocolate mousse, fruit pies or strudels, ice cream sundaes, cheesecake.

Finally, if you are serious about your health; eating healthy can become habitual with simple reminders and a little tip here and there.  Moderating your health can give you peace of mind particularly if you are at high-risk for developing, or already have developed, certain health ailments such as diabetes, and high-blood pressure. Build a habit of these 8 healthy eating tips to stay afloat with ourselves; our mind, body, and spirit.



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