Healthy Food Options That Fill You up

When it comes to weight loss, many people dread the thought of starving or eating boring foods. But, did you know that you could actually eat more to reduce weight? This doesn’t mean eating excessively, because these foods will fill you up fast and limit your food consumption throughout the day. In turn, you get to have a healthy weight while enjoying delicious meals. Plus, most of these foods are low in calories but high in fiber and proteins – so you don’t have to worry about weight gain. Eager to find out which foods we are talking about here? Let’s get started.


This is a great meal to start your day. Mostly eaten as oatmeal porridge, oats are highly nutritious and fiber-rich, meaning that a bowl of oatmeal will fill you up and keep you satisfied most of the day. Oatmeal makes a healthy choice for breakfast because of the low caloric levels.

They prevent snacking on unhealthy foods later on in the day and ultimately, helping you to maintain a healthy weight.


Eggs are protein-rich and also full of nutrients. They supply quality protein, including all the nine essential amino acids. The satiety score of eggs is really high and if taken for breakfast, you won’t experience the hunger pangs that you normally do if you ate a cereal breakfast. One amazing thing about eggs is how versatile they are. You can literally eat them with anything or even on their own.

Greek Yogurt

There are yogurts, and then there is Greek yogurt which is thicker and nutrient dense. Its probiotic features help to keep your gut healthy, plus it contains very few calories. Greek yogurt is a great choice for weight loss since it’s very filling and if eaten between meals, will help to reduce your food portions.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables are packed with important nutrients that support our digestive system, contributing to many health benefits. Most vegetables contain water and lots of fiber which help to fill you up. Health experts always encourage us to increase our intake of vegetables to improve our health. Moreover, the compounds in vegetables are fat-free and natural, making their absorption into the bloodstream easy. On the other hand, there are many varieties of fruits that you can enjoy as snacks any time of the day or night. Most fruits are low in calories and rich in fiber and nutrients. In addition, the water content in fruits is also high which contributes to satiety. You have a wide variety to choose from but be sure to include watermelons, apples, bananas, pineapples, avocado, and berries on your list.


A great source of healthy fats, fish is also high in quality protein. Fish has few calories and also supplies other important nutrients. Eating fish has been shown to reduce ghrelin, the hunger hormones, hence reducing your appetite. Increase your intake of fish such as cod and halibut since they are lean. However, you can also eat sardines, mackerel, and salmon as part of a healthy diet.

Cottage Cheese

If you crave for a snack, reach for cottage cheese. They are rich in proteins, which makes them good for those who want to lose weight. Cottage cheese is also filling and keeps your hunger pangs in check.

Baked and Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes are healthy food choices as long as they are not used to make French fries and potato chips. However, if baked, potatoes are nutritious and one of the most filling foods. Boiled potatoes scored the highest on the satiety score due to protease inhibitors, the compounds that reduce appetite.


Beans, lentils, and peas are among some of the legumes that increase fullness. They are rich in fiber and protein and are also very versatile. One cup of cooked lentils can contain up to 16 grams of fiber and 18 grams of proteins. They make a healthy addition to any diet and they are easily available and quite affordable.


A rich source of plant protein, quinoa is known to provide all the essential amino acids. It’s also fiber-rich, which contributes to feelings of fullness. This seed/grain is low in calories and can be used in many dishes. Quinoa is recommended for people who are dealing with weight issues due to its filling effects and you can use this superfood in place of refined pasta or rice.


If you’re tired of trying numerous diet plans that don’t work, it’s time to try this healthier alternative. Look for foods that fill you up fast and you’ll never have to deal with weight issues again. But, remember, exercise is also as important as a healthy diet. So find something that works for you and try to incorporate it into your new lifestyle.

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