Healthy Sleeping Positions for the Sleepyhead

A bad night’s sleep can lead to a terrible next day. Not fun.

You may think that your restless feeling is from spending too much time counting sheep or not getting in enough quality hours of shut eye, but your sleeping position may be the culprit to your sleepless night.

I spend quite a bit of time tossing and turning before I land in my very unique diagonal flamingo position. My poor husband gets a very small portion of the bed if you can imagine what it is like to sleep with someone who angles diagonally and props one leg up flamingo style. Likely your sleeping position is far from the diagonal flamingo and falls into one of 3 categories: belly sleeper, sleeping beauty side sleeper or the face-up soldier sleeper all of which have some pros and cons.

I’m on a mission to change my sleeping style for the sake of my husband—and, of course, my health!

Discover the healthiest sleeping style to prevent aches, pains, sleepy mornings and grumpy husbands (Love that this infographic shows perfect pillows too!):

healthy sleeping positionshealthy sleeping positionshealthy sleeping positions
Source: Healthy Times Blog

Let’s chat: What is your p.m. pose? 


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