How to Beat Boredom at the Gym

When starting out at the gym, you always feel energetic and motivated. However, after months of the same routine, the gym can get boring. Occasionally, even the most avid gym-goer hits the plateau and some even end up giving up completely. Monotony can easily derail your work out plan the same way eating the same food every day can. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place. This post shares new tactics you can employ on your gym routines to beat boredom and propel your progress.

Find a Gym Partner

Working out with a friend at the gym can be more motivating than training alone. You’ll encourage each other and push yourselves to hit your daily targets. In fact, one study found that having a workout buddy whom you consider to be in better shape than you can push you to work out harder and with greater intensity. This also goes for the food you eat. Having someone to stop you from indulging in highly processed and unhealthy foods will snap your mind back to reality.

Try Barre or Ballet Dancing

Zumba fanatics love the high-energy dance moves and swear by it. However, even Zumba can get boring. If you’re looking for an alternative dance-based workout, add ballet or barre fitness to your workout routine once or twice a week. Barre dance is more involving and pushes you to use more strength compared to regular cardio. Barre classes target more muscle groups that are hard to reach like your thighs, triceps, and butt.

Replace Free Weights with Kettlebells

Kettlebells have seen a comeback and more gym-goers are replacing free weights with kettlebells. If you’ve been lifting free weights for a while, it’s time to swap them for kettlebells to explore more muscle groups and strengthen your muscles. A group of researchers found that exercising with kettlebells burns about 20 calories in one minute. Spending 20 minutes with kettlebells will significantly increase your flexibility, balance, muscles and cardiovascular fitness.

Try New Workouts

The most ideal way to overcome gym boredom is to switch up your routines and try out something new. If you’ve mostly been concentrating on weights, ditch them and try no-equipment exercises. Instead of lifting the regular weights, try other equipment in the gym that you’ve never tried before. If you’ve been using the treadmill, take to running outside and enjoy the scenery. This makes it possible to cover more miles without feeling tired.

Challenge Yourself in Boot Camp Classes

If you want to intensify your calorie-burning efforts and don’t have that much time, attending boot camp classes will help push you harder. You should be aware that boot camp training is intense and not suitable for people with certain health conditions. It’s a great escape if you’ve hit complacency in your weight loss. Typically, a boot camp involves jump ropes, sprints, push-ups, jumps and other workouts that will really get you sweating.

Go for Supersets and Tri-Sets

Supersets are two exercises performed back to back without taking a break. For instance, you can do 12 push-ups followed by 15 squats in three sets. Tri-sets, on the other hand, are three exercises performed back to back without a break. Supersets and tri-sets increase your heart rate and keep it elevated throughout the workout. This challenges your body and helps to break the monotony.

Incorporate HIIT in Your Routine

High-Intensity Interval Training alternates short intense anaerobic exercises and fewer periods of rest or recovery time, leaving no room for boredom. Luckily, there are various apps that you can use to utilize a HIIT training routine. These workouts are very engaging and if added to your regular workouts, your gym time will be worth it, plus you’ll burn more calories.

Hire a Trainer

As a beginner, you’re encouraged to set specific goals that you want to achieve in the gym. For you to accomplish your objectives, you need commitment and discipline. To make it easier, hire a personal trainer who is a professional. Qualified trainers will meet you at your fitness level and try to find ways to make it better. They normally lay down a more realistic and achievable workout journey that you will find interesting. Most importantly, a trainer will keep you motivated and introduce new routines that challenge you further.

Make it Fun

We get it. Training is not for the faint-hearted. But, despite the hard work and demanding routines, it doesn’t have to be boring. The key to successful training is finding an activity that you enjoy performing. Make it feel like play rather than hard work. Join a group class, find a new activity or music that brightens you up as you exercise. Whatever works to bring fun into your workout will help you reap great rewards.

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