How Quitting Sugar Impacts on Body Weight

Almost 75 percent of packaged food being purchased in the United States contains high amounts of sugar. In fact, reports from the American Heart Association says that many Americans are eating up to five times the recommended amount of sugar. The problem with sugar is that it tricks the brain into wanting more. Quitting sugar can be challenging, but you should focus more on avoiding added sugars. However, naturally occurring sugar like from the fruits and veggies are beneficial to the body. Sugar contributes to increased body weight and by quitting it you impact your body in the following ways.

Gets Rid of Belly Fat

The daily sugary drinks can do terrible damage to your waistline. This can be dangerous over time because the sugary foods spike your blood sugar levels which triggers a flood of insulin through your body and encourages fat to accumulate even more. These fat are called visceral fat and since they are deep in the abdomen, they can generate adipokines and adipose hormones.

These hormones travel to your organs and blood vessels where they bring on inflammation that can lead to cancer or heart disease. Sugar can cause dangerous health issues, hence cutting back on its intake reduces belly fat and you avoid a deadly situation.

Drop Pounds Faster

Added sugars are just empty calories that stimulate hunger hormone making you overeat and opt for food that doesn’t keep you full for longer. Additionally, high insulin levels put fat cells all over your body which store calorie. These calories are then converted into fat thus increasing your body weight. You should opt for healthy fats instead of refined carbs and sugary foods. This way you keep your insulin in check meaning fewer calories will be stored as fat. Also, you will have a decreased hunger, and increased metabolism contributing to a loss of weight.

Have a Younger Looking Skin

As mentioned, excess insulin in your bloodstream causes inflammation which can result in a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Even worse, when our bodies digest sugar, it binds to collagen. An excessive amount of sugar in the system can negatively impact the functionality of the collagen, therefore, your skin wrinkles up or develops a disorder. Quitting sugar can lessen sagging of your skin and any other sign of aging.

Constant Improved Energy Levels

Glycemic index is higher in high sugar containing foods meaning the sugars are released into the bloodstream at a higher rate. This leads to a large spike in blood sugar that generates a rise in energy levels. However, when the shot of sugar is metabolized, you will go through a crash of energy. By quitting sugar, you become more stable and free yourself from the high peaks then lows. Eating healthy foods high in protein and healthy fat can supply your body with the required energy that lasts longer.

Improved Mental Health

There is a link between sugar and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and mental disorder caused by high sugar intake. It’s hard to associate anxiety to high sugar intake. However, the constant blood sugar spike releases adrenaline which brings the feeling of anxiety to those who already suffer from it. You should note that changing your diet doesn’t necessarily cure anxiety but it helps reduce the symptoms that come with it. If your anxiety is caused by other health issues you should see a doctor.

Your Gut Works Better

People who consume high levels of refined sugar have a tendency of consuming excess amounts of saturated fats and low dietary fiber. Changing your diet into food rich in dietary like fruits, vegetable, seeds, nuts, and whole grains contribute to a healthy gut. A healthy gut means an increase in the number of healthy microbiota in the gut. Your body will be able to get rid of unwanted toxins while increasing the frequency of bowel movement.

Improved Mood

Sugar suppresses a hormone called BDNF that produces new neurons. Mood swing is controlled by hormones and if someone is susceptible to low mood then they are low in BDNF. As one continues to take sugar in high amounts, then BDNF is suppressed more leading to lower mood and ultimately depression. The good news is that this can be repaired by just cutting out sugar and your mood goes back to normal.


If you’re going through periods of extremes, then it’s better not to avoid them so that your mind can shift to moderation. You need to arrive at a point where the occasional or intentional indulgence (preferably with unrefined sweeteners), can serve as a source of pleasure rather than anxiety.

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