How to Beat Most Common Excuses for Not Running

In spite of the well-outlined benefits of running, only five percent of adults in the U.S. do so. Everyone loves the idea of running to keep fit, but we always have something getting on our way of achieving that. It might be a busy schedule, weather, lack of motivation or just the feeling you can’t do it. For constant runners, they can’t miss two days without running, the rest of us we must find something to make us not run. But when you stop running because of excuses that aren’t valid that’s called making excuse. Some people will have plenty of reasons that don’t even apply just not to run. Good news is that we’re here to help you beat those excuses. Let’s look at the 6 most common excuses for not running and how to beat them.

Excuse 1: I Don’t Have Time

Most people use this excuse for skipping runs. You’re always busy with work, family obligations, maintaining a home, and many other more. Anything you do needs time, even for the regular runners they create time to run otherwise they still have pending things to do.

The solution to this, as you schedule your meetings, cooking classes or family time, schedule your runs too. Be prepared in advance so that when it’s time to go running you won’t have some excuse not to. If you feel your schedule is too tight to accommodate a 40 minutes run, analyze it and take off anything that isn’t as important as a good quality of life. If you plan to run in the morning, aim at going to bed early so that you will be able to wake up as planned.

Excuse 2: Bad Running Weather

There is no one who lives somewhere with a perfect climate. The weather will always be too cold, too hot, too wet or too icy. As a runner, you will face bad weather days which will make it harder for you to run unless you’re determined to attain something out of it. To fix this, if it’s cold wear something that will protect you against it provided the clothes aren’t too heavy. Same goes for hot weather and the rest. In fact, these weather changes make running enjoyable. However, be careful when running if it’s raining.

Excuse 3: Too Tired to Run

Allowing your body to control your mood can make you skip some activities like running. It becomes hard to get up off the couch and go running. You need to know that running will energize you and make you feel better. Whenever you’re feeling sluggish, eat a snack or light meal an hour before running. You will gain energy and become motivated. Also, if you’re extremely tired, you should start off by walking and then pick up the running slowly. Commit yourself to short runs of 10 to 15 minutes when you’re exhausted.

Excuse 4: Bored with Running

It’s easy to get stuck in a running routine. You become comfortable running the same routes. Sometimes you might feel tired of seeing the same things along the way and decide to just jump on the treadmill. The solution is to shake up your running by mapping out new routes. You can convince your friend to run with you and then use a different direction. Or you can sign up for local races, you will run somewhere different and become motivated.

Excuse 5: Afraid of Injuries

Of course with every exercise, you expect some injuries. To be sincere, running might be one of the safest exercise routines if done well. And exercising is part of our life. To ensure no injuries while running, lace your shoes properly and have the right running shoes. Regular strength training is another way to get balance and protect yourself against running injuries.

Excuse 6: Not A Morning Person

When we have a lot to do during the day, morning become the only reliable time to schedule running. We tend to sleep past the running time claiming that we are not morning people. This is just but a running excuse that is easy to get away with. Why not try and set an alarm, not just for a wakeup call but also for running time. This way you will have something to remind you that it’s time to go running.


When you’re always making invalid excuses not to run, what will you do when you have a good reason not to. Excuses are an athlete’s worst enemy. Make some sacrifices to live a healthy life.

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