How to Use Kettlebells for Weight Loss?

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of using kettlebells whose exercises are explosive, involve full body movements and challenge multiple muscle groups at the same time. A study by the American Council on Exercise found that kettlebell workout can burn up to 300 calories in under 20 minutes. Since then numerous studies have been done on the strength, power, alignment, and weight loss benefits of kettlebells. For those who want to minimize their time in the gym and maximize calorie burn and results, then they should consider grabbing a pair of kettlebells.

What You Need to Know About Kettlebells

Just like yoga, Pilates, and boxing, kettlebell workout is an art form. It has flows, sequences, combinations, and single exercises. It encourages a mind-body connection when you apply the weight correctly; in fact, practicing kettlebells is a form of meditation. In addition to that, kettlebells are meant to enhance your performance, promote body balance and protect one against injuries. What’s more, kettlebell workout has an incredible metabolic effect on the body immediately after the workout is complete for up to 28 hours afterward which isn’t the case in cardio, strength training or anaerobic exercises. To add on to that, kettlebells help build up lean muscle which starts to eat away the fat in the body because muscle tissues are more metabolically active and thus require more energy to live.

Basically, the leaner muscle you have the more your body burns energy or calories throughout the day which is an incredible byproduct of kettlebells. Sadly, most people, even trainers, don’t know how to use kettlebells correctly. Mastering the routine perfectly can help you to stay present throughout the workout and achieve your goal faster. Now, below we explain how to use these kettlebells for weight loss.

Kettlebell Swings

Choose a kettlebell with a challenging weight but also allows you to finish a set of reps as prescribed. Place the kettlebell on the floor between your feet and plant your feet shoulder-width distance apart. Bend at the knees and hips while maintaining a flat back and grip the kettlebell with both hands. Swing the kettlebell backward between your legs, then squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips forward forcefully to swing the bell up to eye level. The bell will return to the starting position then your hips will pop forward explosively to continue the set of unbroken reps. This workout depends on your legs and hips movement.

Double Arm Thrusters

Here you require two kettlebells with equal weights. The exercise should begin while you’re in a racked point. Lower your heels into the floor and move up from the squat position maintaining a flat back and an upright chest. As you move up from the squat position, press the kettlebells overhead at an explosive speed. The legs are supposed to give the drive from the bottom of the squat, not your arms. This is termed as a fluid movement.


Stand in an upright position with your feet close together. Relax your body and hold the kettlebell in your right hand facing the floor. Bring your left leg up maintaining the back neutral then lean your torso forward. The kettlebell should lower towards the floor. While keeping the back upright, return to the starting position and repeat the above steps with the alternate leg and arm. Do 12 reps on each leg.

Single Arm Push Press

Use one kettlebell and clean it to prepare for movement. Then rack the bell at your shoulder. Slightly bend your shoulder and straighten up explosively while pressing the kettlebell overhead at the same time. Bring the kettlebell carefully back to the racked position at your shoulder and repeat 10 reps on one side before moving on to the opposite side.

Single Arm Cleans

Put your feet apart at hip width distance and place a kettlebell between your feet. Slightly bend at the knees and hinge at the hips, then firmly grip the kettlebell handle such that the thumb points behind you. Press through the heels and extend the knees and hips to initiate the pull from the floor. Bend your elbows out to the side as the bell rises up, maintain a close distance to the midline. Slowly rotate your arm under the kettlebell to complete the movement with the bell ending up at shoulder height, resting on the backside of your wrist, and elbow pointed down. Make several reps before switching sides.


All you’re required to do when using kettlebells for a workout is to follow protocol keenly to achieve the benefits. A kettlebell workout is considered a simple and effective way to lose weight. Note that kettlebells require you engage all muscle groups at once.

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