Hula Hoop vs Jumping Rope?

hula hoop vs jumping ropeIs it true, could it be?  Is the hula hoop better than jumping rope?

Jumping Rope Workout

While jumping rope is something often included in many people’s exercise regimens and workout circuits – especially in drills at boxing gyms – hula hoops are not nearly as regarded in the gymsphere. But should they be?

First it’s important to note that not only can jumping rope warm you up, but it also has been known to torch calories and gives you a full-body workout – working the arms, abs and legs.

Persistent jump rope not only improves your endurance and tones your muscles but has also been said to improve your coordination.

That being said, there are a few downsides to a jump rope workout. It’s certainly higher impact than more stationary movements, and if you have pains and aches in your joints, it’s best to opt out for something that causes less strain.

Hula Hoop Workout

In comes the hula hoop! While hula hooping burns less calories and doesn’t work every muscle group from head to toe, you can certainly work the large abdominal muscles – obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis and internal abdominal obliques – with consistent, steady use.

While I cannot promise shredded abs (there are always other factors involved), strengthening the core has plenty of other benefits. For example, did you know that strong abs may mean less lower back pain? This is something many people who work at a desk job from 9 to 5 absolutely need! Plus, hula hooping is something old-turned-new-again and an out-of-the-box workout that’s fun and won’t hurt your joints nearly as much. As a matter of fact, the possibility of getting or worsening an injury from hula hooping is slim to none!

While both of these options help burn calories, the key in deciding which is for you lies in  your experience level and possible injuries. If you go to the gym 5+ days a week and work at a moderate – high intensity, you can handle the rope. If you’re just starting out and need something that will ease you into things, the hula hoop may be your safest bet (for now).

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Would you try a hula hoop workout?


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