Instant Metabolism-Boosting Workout

Instant Metabolism Boosting WorkoutStaying in shape seems to be such a hard thing to do for most of us, and finding the time to devote to it is another issue. Now there are solutions to this problem and we can no longer find any more excuses for not working out. If you take at least 40 minutes of your time to do a few small exercises a day, it could make your body burn calories more efficiently. An instant metabolism-boosting workout is just doing multiple movements for just a few minutes at a time. The magic is not in the repetition but it is in the motion of your movements.

Get fit

Putting your body in motion for 10 minutes will help to boost your metabolism. I don’t mean flapping your jaws for 10 minutes, but your entire body needs to be in motion for those 10 minutes. Pick some exercises that you can actually do for two minutes each and create your own daily routine that you can do every day. Alternating between interval movements and resistance exercises will help you to burn off the fat. Here is a list of exercises that you can choose from to add into your day. Be careful and don’t over do it.

Mountain Climber

mountain climber workout

Bend over and place both hands on the ground with one leg straight back and one leg bent forward in a runners lunge position, as if you were about to climb. Now alternate legs quickly keeping both bands on the ground, and do this for one to two minutes.

The Bike

bike exercise for abs

Lie on the floor with knees bent and as you bring your upper body up, as if you are about to do a crunch, extend your legs one at a time as if peddling a bike. Your hands should be behind your head with your elbows out. Try touching the alternate knee with your elbows.

Push Ups

Push ups

You can do this the hard way or the easier way. Face down with toes on the floor and both hands on the floor, or place your knees on the floor with both hands on the floor and do as many pushups as your body will allow.

Dumb bell Lunge

Intense Dumbbell Workout You Can Do in 30 Minutes

Have one dumb bell in your hand and as you lunge with one leg being at 90 degrees, alternate the dumb bell between your legs to the other hand. Keep doing this as you alternate legs. Lunge and switch, lunge and switch, lunge and switch.

Jump Squats


Start in a squat and jump up. Bring your arms up above your head as you jump. Try doing this for a full minute.

Medicine Ball sit ups

Hold the ball while are doing a sit up and throw the ball up and catch it before you lay back down. Repeat this for a full minute or more.  Best workout

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