Is Crossfit Really Worth It?

CrossFit emerged onto the scene a decade ago and since then it has seen both a huge following and lots of criticism. With this routine being so famous, chances are you know someone who does it or even you might be doing it yourself. Everyone starts CrossFit because they want to be stronger, lose weight or want to be in their best shape. Others do it because they are bored. The thing with CrossFit is that you can’t just walk in and out of it as you please; if it sticks, it really sticks. Now let’s see if CrossFit is really worth it.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity routine that focuses on performing a variety of strength and aerobic exercises ranging from sprints to push-ups to jerks. The performance is usually tracked and ranked to encourage competition and measure progress. Here, you do exercises one after another without rest in between and are done quickly for a specific set of minutes. For example, you can do three rounds of quick 400-meter runs, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 push-ups. But is this really worth it?

Below is why CrossFit might not be worthwhile.

1. It’s Much Expensive

CrossFit gyms can charge you up to $200 a month for unlimited membership and some don’t have an option for less. For most people, this price is unrealistic especially if you’re not a regular gym attendant. The price also varies depending on the area you live and the number of CrossFit gyms in that area. Such price normally tends to chase people away who end up opting to join a regular gym which can charge as low as $10 per month. Even worse, if you’re a traveler, you can’t attend a CrossFit gym in another region without paying.

2. Takes Much Time and It’s Not for Everyone

You need to invest much of your time in CrossFit because each class can be up to an hour long. Plus, you need time to warm up, learn skill and shower after workout. The trainer also recommends you get there 10 to 15 minutes early to stretch your muscles and stay for post-workout stretch. You’ve probably watched CrossFit games now and then. You will admit that those athletes participating are incredibly fit and inspiring. They look and feel totally at home. CrossFit demands you invest your effort and a good amount of time to look a certain way. Also, since you’re inspired by those who have attained their goals while doing it, it doesn’t mean CrossFit is right for you. You need to have passion, ready to work yourself out every day and willing to adapt to certain eating programs.

3. CrossFit Can Leave Women Looking a Bit Unfeminine

To most women looks are everything. Being strong and fit is everyone’s dream and actually, there are some sexy CrossFit women out there. However, the constant lifting of heavy load in CrossFit makes one build wide, have bulky shoulders and a square, curve less midriff especially for those with an athletic body. And because women naturally tend to hold on to a little extra body fat, CrossFit can make some women look extra bulky rather than extra lean unless you’re very keen on what you eat.

4. Prone to Shoulder Injuries

Multiple people have come up to talk about shoulder injuries as a result of doing CrossFit. From separated shoulder to torn rotator cuff to frozen shoulder to some other painful conditions, shoulder intensive workouts tend to leave one of these conditions even for the most experienced Cross Fitters. But we can’t put all the blame on the CrossFit workout since this is more often due to bad form, overuse or previous shoulder issues. Nevertheless, CrossFit daily workout increases your chances of a shoulder injury.

5. Not Really a Weight Loss Routine

People tend to join a workout routine to lose weight or fat. You might think that because CrossFit workouts are so challenging they must be great for burning tons of calories and fat. But this isn’t the case. While CrossFit workouts are high intensity, some are short and women can expect to burn 60 to 120 calories per CrossFit session while men can expect to burn 110 to 170 calories per session. This might seem impressive but you can burn the same amount of calories with about 30 to 40 minutes of walking. Additionally, these calories burned are somehow negligible in the greater context of weight loss because a pound of fat contains about 3500 calories. You have to get involved in other physical activities if you want to lose weight.


There is no doubt that CrossFit offers the physical result that you’re looking for before joining it. Since CrossFit is multi-directional and focused on functional fitness, you function better in real life if you’re a Cross Fitters.

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