Little Things That Make You Gain Fat

Are you doing everything right to shed off that extra fat but your pants seem to be getting tighter? Weight gain isn’t always caused by obvious reasons like eating junk or sugary foods. There are little things that can make you gain weight without even knowing it. Our metabolic rate differs greatly. That’s why your friend might eat anything from ice cream to fries and still maintain a lean body, whereas if you eat ice cream the numbers on the scale climb very fast. While a healthy diet plays a major role in weight loss, here’s a list of things that you might be doing wrong, and the results are showing on your weight.

You’re Too Social

Don’t get me wrong. Being social is part of what makes life fun and enjoyable, and is recommended if you want to maintain a happy work-life balance. However, when you’re too social, it means you’re spending too much time going out with friends. In most cases, social outings are accompanied by plenty of food and alcohol. And the food isn’t healthy.

This translates to additional calories that you could otherwise have avoided were you to spend less time on social places. To stay healthy while keeping it social, you can try to limit your junk food and alcohol intake or limit the time spent on your social life.

A sedentary Lifestyle

If you sit for long hours while working, there are high chances that you may become overweight. According to a report, the average adult sits between nine to 11 hours every day. This might seem harmless but the effects will be felt sooner if you do this for long and it increases your chances of developing chronic diseases and even early death. The best way to make up for this is to exercise. Designate 30 minutes to one hour per day to workout in order to maintain your fitness level. Likewise, take breaks whenever possible to walk and stretch your legs.

Lack of Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the top things that might be contributing to your weight gain. Statistics show that more than a third of Americans don’t get sufficient sleep, and might be part of the reason why cases of obesity are on the rise. A study involving over 68,000 women who were investigated for 16 years discovered that those who slept for less than five hours per day were more at risk of gaining weight compared to those who slept for seven hours per day. To make matters worse, lack of enough sleep was directly linked to belly fat and other serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The ideal hours for sleep should be between six and eight hours.

You Drink Diet Sodas

Diet soda is equally unhealthy as soda. They are still laced with artificial sweeteners, which can lead to a spike in blood sugar. While artificial sweeteners may have fewer calories, they trick the body into upping insulin production, and since there’s nothing to respond to, the body ends up storing more fat. On the other hand, there are studies which link artificial sweeteners to developing insulin resistance, where the cells fail to respond to insulin and hence has difficulty absorbing glucose from the bloodstream.

Eating Too Quickly

The busy lifestyle of today’s world is working against us. You eat on the run to get into your next meeting on time. This forces you to eat quickly and studies have shown that quick eaters tend to eat more and chew less. Eating on the run takes longer for your body to feel satisfied. Dietitians recommend that you need to eat slowly and chew on your food completely to make it easy to digest.

You Don’t Control Your Portions

Failing to check your portions is affecting your waistline. If you’ve noticed, lately restaurants are using large plates and their portions are super-sized. Large plates are misleading when it comes to portion size and they can encourage you to overeat. To curb this habit, opt for smaller plates. This will automatically mean that you’ll only eat the portion in the plate and this can be helpful in controlling your portion.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Water not only hydrates our bodies but also contributes to weight gain or weight loss. Many people fail to drink the daily required amount of water either because they don’t like plain water or they simply forget. It’s also common to mistake thirst for hunger, which makes people overeat when a glass of water could have sufficed. Try to make it a habit of drinking water frequently throughout the day. If you’re in your office, have a glass of water on your table where you can see it. Similarly, take a bottle of water with you wherever you go so that you can sip anytime you want.


Even healthy food can lead to weight gain if you overeat it. A healthy diet only works if eaten the right way and in moderate portions. Be conscious of these little things that could be negating your efforts to have a lean body and you’ll start noticing some impressive changes on your weight.

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