How to Look 10 Lbs Thinner

You’ve worked so hard to lose weight. You’ve even shed some pounds just in time for summer! Yet you keep on beating yourself up over that extra five or ten pounds you can’t seem to shake. Stop living off of kale smoothies and quit punishing yourself at the gym! Shed those extra pounds without lifting a finger. All you have to do is dress to impress and right before your very eyes, you will have lost ten pounds (or at least you’ll look like it!) Look your best with these clever tricks.

Shapewear for The Win

No matter what you’ve heard, shapewear is working for you, not against you. In fact, it doesn’t just smooth out those bumps and reassemble your curves, it literally makes you taller. By investing in a pair of form fitting spanks, you will stand taller and keep better posture than ever before. This will help you to avoid back pain and even help you digest better (which certainly makes dieting more comfortable.) When you go to buy your first pair of shapewear shorts, we suggest finding something that can work for you under any outfit. We have found the high-waisted bike short to be more effective in meeting all your day to day needs.

If you’re self conscious of your stomach, it covers it. If you abhor your thighs, this shapewear takes care of it. If you don’t want to even think about your thighs, you won’t have to. These high-waisted bike shorts have got you covered…literally. Just make sure you option up a size. This is by no means to make you feel bigger than you are. Rather it is to make sure you don’t wear anything too right that pushes flesh out and squeezes your organs. If you really want to make sure you find the ideal shape wear, pick a pair that is a size up and then go get it tailored to your needs. Your figure will thank you.

Empire State of Mind

Now that you have invested in the ultimate pair of shapewear, you’ll need an outfit that shows off your awesome figure. This is where the empire-waist dress comes in. Most every woman in America’s smallest feature is their ribs. Therefore it is important that you show it off to look your slimmest and most confident. The empire-waist dress is ideal because it accentuates the ribs. This A-line garment grazes over ut oh areas like, your stomach, hips and thighs and brings all the attention to the most flattering part of your shape.

If you want to keep your outfit sassy, belt the dress. Just make sure it is the right belt. Look for a belt that is at least three inches tall. A belt this thick will act as a corset for your tummy, cinching you in and turning your figure into the hourglass of your dreams. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing a sleeveless dress, simply cover your arms up with an illusion T-shirt, tank top or sheer shrug. A breezy cardigan will look cool and keep the attention off of your arms.



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