Simple Tips for Losing Eight Pounds in Two Weeks

In ideal circumstances, weight loss should be gradual and consistent to ensure long-term sustainability. The steady pace is crucial in preventing sudden weight gain when the normal diet is resumed. Unfortunately, some situations require more drastic measures to achieve the desired results. For instance, if you are attending a special event that you want to look good for, you will need to lose weight fast. Here are some simple tips to help you lose eight pounds in two weeks.

Drink Water

You should not underestimate the importance of water in a weight-loss plan. The liquid will not contribute to your calories intake and it will help you curb your appetite. Generally, you should drink as much as possible especially when you start the diet. Additionally, drink at least one glass of water before your meals so that you will feel full before finishing the meals.

Some diets encourage distilled water fasts during the first few days of the diet. However, this can be strenuous for a body which is used to high nourishment. If you do not like water, you can make apple cider vinegar drinks and take five servings per day in alternation with water. This health drink is made using two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar, some honey and water.

Eat Fresh Salads

Fresh vegetable and fruit salads are valuable in this type of fast weight-loss plan. The fibre in the vegetables will provide roughage which promotes fast digestion and egestion of food. The material is also filling, so it will reduce your appetite without adding significantly to the calories. If you are planning on preparing a vegetable salad, avoid using dressing because the material will increase the calorie content drastically. However, you can add a little oil if you cannot consume plain vegetables.

Fruit salads are healthy and nutritious but all fruits are not good for accelerated weight loss. For instance, bananas and peaches can offset the calorie intake so eliminate or reduce the quantity. You should also choose fruits with low sugar content like watermelons and figs. Additionally, take diuretic fruits and vegetables such as grapefruits and celery as the two weeks come to an end. This will help you shed the excess water weight before the potential occasion.

Keep Your Body Active

A quick weight-loss plan requires vigorous physical activity. This will help you shed the extra calories which can be stored as fats in the body. You will not have time to purchase fancy exercise machines but you can visit a gym for a combination of weight training and cardio. If you do not have the time or inclination, you can perform some high intensity interval exercises. Basically, this involves alternating between intense movements and slowing down. For example, you can run fast for thirty seconds and jogging for a minute. You can apply the same principle to jumping rope, cycling and inline skating.

Finally, you should not skip your meals because you will be forced to compensate. Instead, count your calories and ensure that your weight-loss consumption is at least seven hundred and fifty calories less than normal. Alternatively, eat only half portions of your regular meals.




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