8 Make Up Essentials You Need In Your Beauty Bag

A quick stroll through a department store make up counter will leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated with all you don’t have – but now feel you need – in your make up arsenal. Why in the world do you need five different kinds of concealer for the different areas of your face? Make up is expensive, and just like many completely un-related products on the market today, most of it is just a ploy to get you to spend more. So, fear the makeup section no more: we’ve narrowed your necessities down to eight essentials for your beauty bag.

Moisturizer with SPF

The two things that will cause premature aging on your face faster than anything else are dry skin and sun damage. In the case of severely damaged skin, no amount of make up will allow you to undo the damage, so it’s best to take care of your skin from the get-go (and for the long haul) with a moisturizing cold cream at night and a moisturizer with SPF in the day. Apply the moisturizers after cleansing.


Concealer is perfect for covering blemishes and slight skin imperfections. Well applied concealer will also lighten the eye sockets and keep the dark circles from being just so dark. It’s a definite must for pre-foundation application.


As we age, our skin gradually becomes patchy, discolored in places, inconsistent – even if only mildly. Imperfections surface that jump right out to us, and that’s why foundation is the next essential for your beauty bag. Foundation that matches the tone and hue of your skin will naturally smooth out the imperfections and inconsistencies in your skin. It should never look like make up; rather, it should look like beautiful, flawless skin. Try going to your local beauty store and asking an associate for help to get your perfect skin match.

Warm Blush

Blush is one of those items that you need, simply because without it, you’re likely to look pale and washed out, possibly even unnaturally made up when you factor in flawless skin with no hint of warmth in the face. Highlighting the cheek bones with a warm blush is the best way to give your skin the natural tone it needs (and already has beneath your foundation).

Brown Eye Liner

Black eye liner is great to have, but it often over-dresses your occasion. For the day to day, casual use, brown eye liner is a must have. Its subtle, yet defining nature gives you all you need to emphasize your eyes. What’s more? Nearly every eye has flecks of brown in it, and brown eyeliner works wonders to pull that brown out, while simultaneously pulling out the other color in the eye. You can never go wrong with drawing positive attention to your natural eye color.

Blackest Black Mascara

Formal or not, the blackest black mascara is another item that you must have stocked at all times. This mascara, applied alone without other make up, is enough to give you the boost you need to feel like you’re all made up, even if you’re not. Otherwise, it’s the perfect complement to a night on the town, when you’re donning your best painted face.

Subtle, Warm Lip Color

Lipsticks and lip glosses can be fun, but what does a girl really need for the day to day? It’s imperative to have a subtle nude lip, that’s warmed to precisely your tone. This color can be dressed up or down, and appears as natural as possible. Have fun with your fire engine red from time to time, but don’t ever let that take the place of a good nude.

Make Up Remover

Rule number one when it comes to make up: never go to bed with it on. It’s a surefire way to clog your pores and cause massive breakouts! Spring for a nice make up remover, and always take a few minutes to take your make up off every night – no matter how much you’re wearing.

These 8 makeup essentials are sure to a build a great foundation to your overall collection. One more note? Make sure you purchase these regularly as makeup expires, too!

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