7 Mistakes You Make Removing Makeup

Amazing as makeup is, it’s not a good idea to leave it on for too long. This is because makeup can smother the skin or cause it to break out. When you’re removing your make-up, there are probably a few mistakes you might be making. We just want to make sure you’re able to get your makeup off without any mistakes. What are they, though? Here is the list of the top seven mistakes you may be making when removing your makeup.

  1. Rub mascara off very quickly – Eye makeup can sometimes be a bit of a pain to get out. Do you feel it under your eyes still when you wake up? Well, that’s because you need to take the time to get it off properly. The best way to get it off is to soak a cotton pad in a bit of makeup remover or even olive oil. Press the cotton pad lightly to your eyelid for three minutes. It will break down the mascara and allow you to wash it off with ease.
  2. Skip removing makeup – This is a big no-no for a lot of people. Even if it’s just a little bit, leaving makeup on your skin can cause harmful effects to it. When you’re asleep, your skin takes the time to start regenerating. Makeup plugs up your pores and prevents your skin from breathing so it can renew itself.
  3. Washing your face after your makeup has been removed – The best way to remove makeup is to do it while the makeup is still on your skin. This way you will be able to have a deeper clean, and better cleansing of your skin. Be sure to clean after you have removed your makeup as well.
  4. Washing your face when your hair is down – Put your hair up in a ponytail when you wash your face. Having your hair out of the way make it easier to remove makeup that is along your hairline.
  5. Only using makeup wipes – Makeup wipes are excellent if you’re pressed for time, or need a way to get makeup off fast. They aren’t great though for giving your skin the deep cleanse it needs after wearing makeup for hours on end. Use real makeup remover whenever possible, and save the wipes for an emergency makeover.
  6. Removing makeup from the eyes first – Don’t do this! Instead, remove your lipstick first. Do this by getting a soaked cotton pad, and gently scrubbing it against your lips to remove the makeup. This way you won’t risk smearing lipstick on your skin when you start to remove your makeup.
  7. Swiping “up” when removing mascara – The best way to remove mascara is to close your eyes. Gently pull down the eyelashes so you can remove the mascara. Pulling up causes them to break, and to damage them.

So, be careful when removing your makeup! We hope you enjoyed these tips and have fun being beautiful!

Image Credit: istockphoto.com



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