4 Must-Have Supplies for DIY Manicures

Manicures are essential in ensuring that the hands are immaculate and neat. The practice ensures that your hands are presentable for professional and casual engagements. In addition, manicured nails and hands are smooth, so you will be more comfortable. There are diverse salons that offer manicure services, so you can get professional assistance. However, this is not always a feasible option due to the high costs attached to the sessions and the time required. If you do not have these valuable resources, you can manicure your nails at home with a few simple tools. Here are the top four DIY home manicure must-have supplies.

Nail File

A good nail file is an important component of a manicure set therefore you should purchase a high quality product. This tool will help you smooth out the rough edges on the nails and give them a neater look. The file also removes irregularities and breaks which discourage proper growth and pose a risk of self-injury. You can use the file after clipping the nails and regularly before they become long enough to trim again. One of the most important things to remember when using a file is to avoid a sawing motion. This will not shape the nails properly and the movement will weaken the nails. Instead, file the edges in one direction for a more even look.

Nail Polish

There are diverse types of nail polish products in the market. The right choice will protect the integrity of the nails and enhance their aesthetics. When you are buying your nail varnishing coats, you should always choose a base coat, the nail colour and a top coat. The base layer is essential because it helps the colour coating to adhere the nails more firmly. This means that the nails will stay chip-free for longer. Colour coats are available in many hues, so you can select products to match your mood, style and even individual outfits. If you love changing colours frequently, consider purchasing formaldehyde-free products. These are gentler on the nails therefore they will not cause damage. Finally, choose atop coat which is designed to protect and shield the nail colours against premature damage.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is a crucial supply for DIY manicures, even if you do not use nail colour. The solvent will clean the nail surface, providing you with an oil-free base to work on. Most removers are made using acetone which is effective in stripping off varnish very quickly. However, a non-acetone alternative is a healthier choice for the nails because it does not dehydrate the skin and nails.

Cuticle Pusher

Trimming and removing cuticles is not mandatory, so you can manage them with relative ease. In addition, removing cuticles is tricky because you can injure the delicate flesh around them which may result in infections. You should consider purchasing a cuticle stick to push the outgrowths. Basically, you will need to moisturize the hands and then use the stick to push back the soft cuticles.

It is more economical to purchase a pre-organized manicure set with the basic tools including nail clippers, files and nail buffers. However, choose kits from high-quality manufacturer to avoid purchasing tools with reduced durability.




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