Metabolism-Boosting Secrets

Our metabolism controls how quickly we use up energy in our bodies. When more energy (food/calories) is consumed than used, the body will store it as fat. So the faster your metabolism is, the more calories get used up by the body. Metabolisms slow naturally as we age, but sometimes we can accidentally slow down our metabolism with some lifestyle choices. Discover our metabolism-boosting secrets to ensure you can keep your metabolism revved for now and your future.

Increase Your Exercise Frequency

Working out is the singular most effective way to boost your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body uses up, even when you are resting. The tip here, though, isn’t much of a secret. Experts say that you should work out 5 days a week, 3 cardio days and 2 strength boosting days, in order to boost your metabolism.

About That Cardio…

Of course completing any cardiovascular exercise is good for your health, body, and a metabolism boost. However, to really boost your metabolism, experts advise that you complete cardio intervals that use several muscle groups at a time. An interval is a combination of exerting yourself a lot for up to two minutes and moderate exertion for a few minutes. Running is great for this, because you can alternate between sprinting and jogging. Cardio circuits are another great option.

Building Muscle = Strength Training

As we’ve mentioned, building muscle is key for boosting your metabolism. The metabolism-boosting secret we love to tell is building five more pounds of muscle on your frame could help you burn 600 calories or more per workout. Weight training is an excellent way to build muscle. However, if that isn’t your preference, try calisthenics, Pilates, yoga, or even dance.

Eat Small Meals Several Times a Day

Just the act of eating will awaken your metabolism. However, if you skip a meal or wait too long to eat you will slow your metabolism down. Eat several small meals a day to ensure that your metabolism is fired up. And always, always, always, eat breakfast because it is the meal that jumpstarts your metabolism.

Make Those Meals Count

When you are building a snack or a meal, make sure it is centered around a lean protein and some sort of produce (fruit/vegetable) is involved. Protein takes more calories for your body to digest, which also means you’ll feel full longer. Plus, it helps you build those metabolism boosting muscles. Fruits and veggies are high in fiber and nutrients that your body needs.

Stand Up!

Many of us are stuck in chairs most of the day. However, sitting too much slows your metabolism down. To counteract this, be sure you stand and pace, stretch, take the stairs, or even stroll, once an hour. Even one minute standing will help to reawaken your metabolism. If you can, try standing at your desk to complete an assignment, having a walking meeting, or even pace around when you are on the phone.

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