Most Common Diet Mistakes Americans Make

We all try to make healthier food choices based on assumptions that might not be accurate. Following a strict diet and exercising vigorously doesn’t mean you’re healthy. There are mistakes you might be making that keep you from getting the nutritional value of a particular food. We must determine where we are going wrong because how can two-thirds of Americans be overweight and nearly one-third be obese? Even the best dieters sometimes sabotage their efforts. Let’s look at the common diet mistakes Americans make.

Staying Hungry for Too Long

The obvious things most people do when they are trying to lose weight is to avoid eating much. Logically this might be true but, it doesn’t promote weight loss by any chance. In fact, it leads to weight gain since your body might begin to think you’re going through starvation thus burning the body’s fat to feed you.

Instead, you should eat healthy snacks in between meals to keep your metabolism going and keep up the calories burned. Furthermore, what you eat determines if you will lose weight or not rather than how often you eat it, hence avoid staying hungry for too long.

Cutting Out Fats Completely

Fats make up important components in our bodies including the cell membrane. The important thing is to watch out what kind of fats and the amount you’re eating. Additionally, dietary fat help to balance hormones, support brain, and cardiac function, ensures absorption of certain vitamin and produces sex hormones. You should get rid of the idea that ‘eating fat makes you fat’ because it’s a common misconception that leads to making the wrong diet choice. What’s more, check on the label to avoid products described as low-fat since they could be high in sugar instead. To keep the body functioning properly, you need to add fat to your diet but limit to high-quality fats like olive oil or animal fat such as butter.

Eating Out More Often

Almost three-quarter of Americans eat one of their daily meal in the restaurants. Going out to eat with friends in a new restaurant is fun but this is the same as grabbing fast food. You are not only unaware of how the food is prepared but also the ingredients used. Americans alone spend an average of over $3000 per year at the restaurant. Cooking for yourself allows you to have an insight into the cooking process, the quantity of food and the specific ingredients you need. You can invite friends over and cook for them which can even motivate them to do the same. Let eating out be a rare treat.

Excessive Portions on Diet Foods

What people don’t understand is that diet foods have calories too but in small amounts than their normal counterparts. Don’t assume that just because the diet has been proven to help lose weight and it’s labeled diet food, it has zero calories. As a matter of fact, if you consume these foods in large amounts you will grow fat just like any other food. Moreover, this applies to any other type of food. Healthy eating doesn’t only focus on a balanced diet, the correct proportion also matters. You can achieve your weight loss goal by simply restricting the portions instead of eliminating whole food groups.

Eating Only One Type of Food

This one tops the list of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to diet. Having your meal with only animal protein for a whole week is as harmful as eating only fruits and vegetables. You can’t obtain vitamins and minerals from just eating vegetables thus you need to include all kinds of fruits and meat to the diet. Be careful because vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to muscle weight loss.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Avoid overwhelming yourself with the fact that you have to lose this amount of weight to look a certain way. If you want to lose a significant amount of weight, well and good. Start small and when you achieve it now you can move on to a large goal. Let’s say, for example, you want to lose 25 pounds. Don’t go straight to a diet that starves you to lose weight quickly. This at times can lead to depression. Instead, change your eating habits and diet to lose three to five pounds per month. Taking those small steps and achieving the small goals will ultimately help you attain a larger goal.

Having Many ‘Food Rules’

Almost every dieter has some rules which they follow, for example, some avoid eating after 8 p.m., others no sugar and so many more. At some point, you might end up breaking the rules because they might be very restrictive and tiring. Rules don’t apply everywhere especially when it comes to eating. You should focus more on eating habit rather than food rules. If you have spent the entire day eating healthier food, then that’s what we call healthy eating. Otherwise, if you have made any of these mistakes, learn from them and let them help you make healthier diet choices.

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