Nancy Rose Performance Active Wear Flatters and Functions

Among the many active-wear brands out there today, Nancy Rose Performance stands out for its truly elegant and chic designs. Nancy Rose’s background as both an elite gymnast and Parsons School of Design graduate contributes to the brand’s beautiful, functional designs. Although this company’s gear only can be purchased online or at select fitness studios around the country, it’s worth any workout  lovers’ time. The company sent me a few pieces that I instantly fell in love with.

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Plank Crop

nancy rose plank crop pant leggings The plank crop is one of the brand’s signature pieces, and it is not hard to see why. For starters, it’s made out of a stretchy nylon/Lycra blend that seemed to effortlessly mold to the body. It sure is slimming and this high-waisted, mid-calf length pant would look good on most everyone. I also liked the crop’s thin and high-quality material that kept me cool and dry during humidity-soaked outdoor walks with my dogs. The handy zipper on the front waistband of the capris is ideal for storing your iPod, keys and other essentials. Best of all, I can assure you that it won’t dig into your back if you’re doing any floor work. This all being said, despite this pair’s many high marks, it unfortunately did not pass the “bend test.” The pants are not totally see-through, but if you’re in a deep bend, you will be able to see the pattern and/or outline of your underwear. To avoid this, I’d suggest wearing a thong or black panties with these. It also would probably be wise not to wear these during yoga and other bend-centric workouts. Don them for cardio-driven sweat sessions instead.

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Relevé Tank

releve tank nancy rose workout clothes review Another staple of the Nancy Rose line is its gorgeous wrap top collection. Yes, you read that right. This brand makes wrap tops, usually reserved for more high-fashion brands. I adored this tank almost immediately. Its built-in bra offered great support and would probably work for medium- to low-impact workouts. Although it can be a little confusing to figure out how to wrap it at first (the company includes a nifty card explaining how to tie it), you will surely pick it up quickly. Once you’ve got that down,  you’ll never want to take this tank off. The wrap top is instantly slimming and flattering. It shows just enough cleavage to keep it sexy, but provides enough coverage to keep you feeling secure during exercise class.  I got two compliments during the two hours I had this on during a Pilates class and that’s the most I’ve ever gotten when wearing athletic clothing.

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Despite its thick pima cotton/Lycra blend, this top also kept me surprisingly cool and dry during the hot 80-degree temperatures in Northern Virginia. It’s also surprisingly versatile. Tie it in the back if you’ll be doing a workout where you’re mostly standing or place the knot in the front if you’ll be on the floor. The tank also does stay put during class, but I probably wouldn’t want to wear this during a high-impact class. For starters, it’s just too darn beautiful. If you can even call that a complaint, that would be my only one. I loved this tank to pieces, but to the point where I wouldn’t want to wear it during a particularly grueling workout. For the studio-rat who’s in love with Pilates, yoga, or barre, this would make a truly beautiful addition to any fitness wardrobe. nancy rose athletic apparel releve tank   Fitness fashionistas searching for elegant and functional pieces should all consider buying from Nancy Rose Performance. This brand understands how to craft truly beautiful pieces that will make you (and others around you) swoon!

What is your favorite athletic clothing brand?

All images courtesy of Nancy Rose Performance



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