Dermatologists’ Best Skin Care Tips For Your Neck

Do you ever think about the necessary skin care that should be applied to your neck?

Chances are, probably not.

Moisturizer, sunscreen, cleaning, and more goes into the skin on our face, while the neck is given little to no attention at all. However, this is your wakeup call: The skin on the neck is equally important as the skin of our face.

As a matter of fact, the neck show signs of aging much faster than the most of the rest of your body. So, in order to make sure the skin stays healthy. We referred to a dermatologist on the best skin care tips when it comes to the neck.

Be Wary of Dryness

The neck has fewer sebaceous glands than the skin on your face. This means the skin is easily susceptible to irritation and dryness. What does this translate to? Easy scarring, marks and even sagging.

These are reasons enough to be careful to keep the skin in this region clean and moisturized. Not only that, but in the daytime you should make sure to use SPF on your neck as well as your face. Sun is actually one of the major contributors to early aging signs – such as age/sun spots, discoloration and wrinkles. Yikes!

We Can’t Stress It Enough, Sunscreen Is VERY Important

Sunscreen is very important for your neck. Over time burns can develop easily. They can even have dangerous medical effects on the skin as well. Over time the skin around the neck can develop signs of sun damage like broken capillaries, brown spots, mottled pigmentation, and even skin cancer. While sunscreen for the entire body is important, the neck area is no exception as well. Applying a sunscreen meant for the face around the neck area is a good way to keep the skin around your neck protected. Especially if you’re planning on staying outside in the sun for a prolonged amount of time.

Be Wary Of Tech Neck

This is a new one. If you’re unsure of what tech neck is, it is when skin lines and laxity from gazing down at a electronic device begin begin to form. The skin may develop wrinkles prematurely. While being wary of how much time you spend typing or texting. Sun adds another factor to be wary of. So, be sure to check your skin. Avoid bending your head down as much as you can by bringing your electronic to eye level if at all possible.

Skin care in general is no joke. Our skin is actually the largest organ in our body – keeping us protected as well as being the largest outlet of detoxification.

Caring for it regularly is just another part of making sure we stay healthy. The neck is an important area since its so sensitive and surprisingly more susceptible to skin damage than the skin on our face. While a little sun is good for the body. If you’re planning on staying outside for an extended amount of time. Be sure to apply sunscreen as soon as possible. Also, be sure to clean the skin on your neck as well too. Finally, keep it well moisturized in order to prevent dryness.

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