No Carb Christmas

In recent times, the rise of low-carb diets like the Atkins diet and Paleo diet has led many to consider the benefits of consciously skipping carbs. Carbs are not bad in themselves, but nutritionists and doctors have traced many health problems to an excess of carbs.

It is now established fact, for instance, that eating a diet rich in carbs places one at greater risk of significant weight gain, along with complications like diabetes. The low-carb diets can help avoid these dangers of carbs.

Others have pushed the low carb diet even further to eliminate carbs altogether from their diets. For example, the Ketogenic diet avoids carbs so that it can put the body into a fat-burning metabolic state that is known as ketosis.

Here is how you can cut down on carbs or eliminate them completely at Christmas time.

Healthy Breakfast Options for No Carb Christmas

Eggs make a good choice for a no carb Christmas dinner since they have little in the way of carbs, and they have high amounts of protein. You can combine the following egg dishes with coffee, tea, or even just plain cold or warm water.

  • Mushroom omelet – This omelette combines eggs with fresh store-bought mushrooms for a delicious
  • Eggs and boiled green beans – Boiled green beans add negligible carbs to your breakfast and help add important vitamins to the body.
  • Hard boiled eggs with cheddar cheese – Cheddar cheese adds calcium, protein and healthy fat to balance your diet while avoiding carbs.

If having tea or coffee at breakfast, avoid adding sugar or creamers with carbs in them. You can find sugarless variants of sweeteners or creamer. Even better, you can skip them altogether.

The Zero Carb Lunch or Dinner

Dinnertime or lunch is a good time for the family to eat some lean protein and healthy vegetables. If you are eating low or zero carb, it’s essential to not skimp on these other essentials that help build and repair the body.

Here are some healthy low-carb options for lunch or dinner:

  • Bunless salmon burgers topped with pesto – Salmon is both nutritious and tasty. Salmon burgers are filling and can be served as the main dish.
  • Mashed cauliflower – If you need a healthy and low-carb substitute for mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower will serve well. Cauliflower contains calcium and aids in keeping bones healthy.
  • Ground beef stuffed peppers – You can stuff peppers with low-carb ground beef, cheese, and seasonings, then bake the peppers. The result is a decadent but healthy dinner.

When serving dinner or lunch, remember to eliminate traditional Christmas dinner foods like rice, bread, or pasta. Those foods can add high amounts of unwanted carbs to your meal.

No Carb Desserts for Christmas

Normal desserts like cake, ice-cream, and pudding, can set you back on your dieting plans due to the high amounts of sugar in these desserts. A good rule of thumb for a no carb Christmas is to avoid all store-bought desserts and make your own from low carb ingredients.

Here are some low-carb desserts that taste good but maintain your commitment to zero carbs.

  • Avocado ice-cream – This is a zero carb ice-cream popularized by athlete Tom Brady that you can make at home. It’s delicious and uses healthy avocados.
  • Coconut milk smoothie with strawberries – Strawberries and coconut milk make for a low-calorie smoothie that satisfies the desire for something sweet.
  • Macadamia nuts – They’re not only low to zero carb in content, but they add important nutrients to your meal. They contain vitamins like Vitamin B6, as well as trace elements like potassium and magnesium.

By eating a zero carb or low carb dessert, you avoid harmful sugars and keep the cravings at bay.

 What If You Miss Sugary Food with Carbs?

Eating a diet with no carbs for a day can be easy. Where most people struggle is when it comes to adopting a no carbs diet for a longer time. For many, going a single day with no carbs is sufficient, a chance to try something new with their diet.

If you would prefer to have a no carbs diet in the long term, however, get ready for some challenges. Sooner or later, you will find yourself missing high carb foods like your favorite grains, drinks, or even sweet desserts.

One way to combat those cravings is to substitute with healthy, zero-carb sweets. If that doesn’t work so well for you, especially at the beginning, you might consider having a “cheat day” where you allow some carbs. This allows you to eat no carbs most of the time.

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