Yoga Workout: Simple Guidelines for Performing a Crow Pose

Crow Pose

The right yoga program will contribute to weight-loss, long-term fitness and general good health. Yoga is one of the popular exercises because it targets the body and can improve relaxation and mental wellness. If you are thinking about taking up yoga to improve your health, you should consider joining a local class. The instructors will provide you with proper guidance on performing the right poses. However, you can also practice yoga with other reliable instructional tools. Either way, you may experience some challenges with some of the more advanced poses. One of the daunting positions is the crow pose; it demands flexibility, coordination as well as strength. Here are some guidelines on how to do the crow pose properly.

Place the Hands Firmly

The hands are the foundation of the crow pose therefore they must be steady and firm. Squat and lean your body forward. Next, place your palms on the mat, about a shoulder width apart from each other. They should not be very wide apart or even too close together because the arms will not be able to hold your body weight properly. The entire palm, including the finger pads, should be laid evenly on the flat surface. If you rely on your hand’s heels for support, you will strain the wrists and risk being injured.

Get the Knees High

Next, push hands steadily onto the floor and bend your elbows to create a right angle. You must lift your hips upwards by stepping on your toes while bending your knees to assume this position. Push your body forward such that the knees come into contact with the upper arms. The knees should go as high as possible and the body should be low and close to the ground. If you are having trouble positioning the knees because of tightness in the hips, use a block to boost your lower body.

Lift the Body

You will need to shift your weight forward and lift the legs off the floor to assume the crow pose. This requires balance because your hands must support your weight evenly and prevent toppling. Fear and shaky arms will be your greatest enemy and you are likely to be destabilized the first few times. It is advisable to place a cushion or a few blankets in front of you if you are afraid of injury. This will help you relax and keep you safe in case you fall. In addition, you should lift one leg at a time instead of attempting sudden movements. In simple terms, lift the right foot slowly and ensure that you are stable before lifting the left. Hold your body up for a few moments before gently placing your feet back on the ground. You have completed the crow pose successfully.

You should keep your back rounded when performing the crow pose, instead of flat. This will help you balance your body weight and maintain poise more appropriately. You will probably not be able to hold the position for long during the initial attempts. However, you can build your strength with time and hold the position for longer.

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