Auntie Flo May Be Affecting Your Running

Calling all you ladies out there! When it’s that time of the month, don’t whine, RUN! Even if you’re not a runner, running while on your period can benefit you in the long run because it increases your potential in sustaining a higher impact run while pushing your body to the farthest it can go.

When the menstrual cycle begins, the usual cramps, bloating, fatigue, and “naggings” all come along with the monthly cycle. But, when you want an extreme workout, and one of the best workouts your body will ever endeavor; menstrual workouts are the best because of the benefits that are affected by your ‘cycle’; especially running.

Plan Your Runs: Accordingly

The two of the four though, that will cause a great running workout are estrogen and progesterone. Both, which are effective when running. For instance, estrogen, a powerful hormone which can “influence a woman’s physiology, such as lung function and bone health, including athletic capabilities which are “pushed to the limits,” the highest it can get.   Body temperatures rise and it can cause a female’s body to go to greater lengths; naturally, depending on what phase a female wants to run or take their morning jog, they should consider what days of the 28 day cycle this will take place.  Estrogen phase is on the 14th-15th  day of a 28th day cycle can give you added strength it seems while running.

Besides the usual affects that a female may have at that time of the month, the best thing to do is get moving to rid of those crampy, naggy, and bloaty feelings, which run through the 13-14th day of a 28th day cycle.  Here is a an detailed explaination of the menstrual cycle phases during a typical 28 day, menstrual cycle.

In fact, one thing is for sure, there are steps that can be taken if you become hormonal. One of the four hormonal involvements during a female’s menstrual cycle is the progesterone.  This stage of the menstrual cycle falls in between the 20-22 day of a 28 day cycle.  Women’s body temperatures tend to rise and if a woman decides she wants to run those days, they need to be very cautious.

This is why running on your period is more effective.  So, during the time when a female gets “monthly nature bill,” it’s best to get the running shoes and start stretching because not only does it help, women will be getting fit while doing so. Not feel the cramps because those automatically go away while exercising… and to become a great example of running short or long distance, nothing beats a great workout then when you’re on your period.  For more on activities that should be taken and when to take them for those ‘cycles’ go to the chart of the menstrual cycle.



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