Quickie Workout in Bed: Upper Body Cardio

Upper Body Cardio In Bed

I am overly thrilled to share some tips from Laurel House, the queen of quickie tips. The Quickie Chick and I clearly have similar thoughts about health and wellness: keeping it simple, keeps it at the forefront of our minds. Whether in bite size or in quickie form, health tips that are succinct and easily doable make living healthy a simple task which is exactly how it should be!

So, from time to time I will be sharing some awesome quickie tips from the Quickie Chick. To start, here is a workout for a place you never thought you would exercise…your bed! Get your head out of the gutter kids! Laurel’s bed workouts are catching on and have even been featured on E! News.

No need to make the bed first thing in the morning. Your priority should be to do this SIMPLE workout from bed! This upper body cardio workout is so easy you should be doing it pre-coffee every morning.

Guest post by Laurel House, Quickie Chick and Lifestyle Expert 

You are finally seeing a difference in your workout regimen… and then you injure yourself or  you have a disability that makes exercises difficult if not nearly seemingly impossible. So many exercisers have injuries that can be extremely debilitating- both physically and emotionally. I know because I actually came up with the Upper Body Cardio Quickie Workout in Bed after I severed my ligaments in my ankle when I was a dance major in college. I became very depressed, couldn’t workout and gained weight.

Quickie Workouts in Bed, particularly the Upper Body Cardio Workouts, are no-excuse exercises to help almost anyone get back in the saddle and maintain their fit lifestyle even if they can’t walk. Cardio isn’t about moving your legs. It’s about moving your heart. You can get a great cardio workout only using your upper body. Here is how to do it:

What is the strangest place you have ever worked out? Will you give the upper body cardio workout from bed a try? Let’s chat about it below!


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