3 Slimming Maternity Clothes Tricks

Being pregnant is something that many women look to with excitement, terror, and trepidation.  You are going to be growing a human being.  And ENTIRE human being.  In 9 months.  And then you will be responsible for helping a young life grow and mold into a human being that you can be proud of.  That in itself is all incredibly daunting.  Then there is the cost.

You buy cribs, baby clothes, toys – but we always seem to forget about ourselves when we’re looking towards that beautiful little face at the end of our morning sickness, insomnia, and discomfort.  We grow.  We gain weight, our stomachs expand, our clothes no longer fit.  So how in the world do we find maternity clothes that are affordable and cute?  Here are a few tips to look amazing in maternity clothes.

Wear some fitted shirts

You’re pregnant.  It’s OK to look like it.  Have some fun showing off that belly!  If you hide it underneath baggy clothes, it may simply look like extra weight.  Instead, find some tops with ribbing on the sides – this will allow it to stretch out towards the front, and accentuate that adorable belly you’ve been working on for months!  In addition, when you accentuate the belly, you’ll minimize any love handles you may have picked up from those midnight junk food runs.

Get the right bra

This one is amazing. Find a bra that is supportive – but stretchy.  There is nothing to add the appearance of extra fat than a bra that doesn’t fit.  There are some wonderful nursing bras that are incredibly comfortable, but will grow with you.  These help maintain smooth lines, without letting any sagging occur. Not only do you get great support to show off your changing figure (You know you’ve worn a few shirts that show off the girls!), it lets you do it without looking trashy or frumpy.

After all – a lot of nursing tops are either button shirts or shirts with a lower cut for easy access.  The great thing about these stretchy bras is that they also often look very similar to a tank top worn under clothing – so a little of it peeking out is not something that is worrisome, and can add some modesty to an otherwise more revealing outfit – especially when a basic t-shirt can appear to be more revealing as it stretches out!

Avoid the skinny jeans/cropped jeans

Unless you are one of those women that never experiences swelling or hip spreading, neither of these jeans will be the most flattering.  They may still look great on you, so try it out if you love them.  But be prepared to find some longer legged, more bootlegged jean that allows for a balance of flowing and fitted.  And, to be completely honest, the loser the pant, the easier it can be to find that comfortable sitting position as your belly gets in the way.  There’s nothing quite like feeling stuck in a pair of jeans because they won’t stretch around your belly!

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