Which Sports Are The Safest and the Most Dangerous Ones Right Now?

Sports are important for our health, especially when done in the open air. But this seems not to be the case during this Coronavirus pandemic. Maintaining a social distance during sports can be difficult because there are just too many people and simply not enough space. However, some sports don’t involve a large crowd and can be performed without the risk of contracting the virus. A lot of research has been done on various sports to determine the risk factor if people were to continue playing them. Here is the conclusion from those researches. We will outline the safest and the most dangerous sports right now.

Water Polo

Water polo requires endurance, balance, swimming, and defensive skills. It involves two teams of six players each and a goalkeeper. Water polo is played in the water, so the player must be good at throwing, catching, and passing. During this Coronavirus season, many sports have been put on hold because of fear of the spread of the virus. However, water polo is categorized as a low-risk game because it’s played in chlorinated water. Research done in Italy found no evidence of how Coronavirus can be spread through water in the pool.


As a way to protect everyone from this deadly virus, all sports bodies must evaluate their sport and determine how safe it is if they continue undertaking it. Many research bodies agree golf has zero risk chances, in other words, it is one of the safest sports to play right now. However, apart from the act of playing, other things come to play such as practicing social distancing and avoid touching other people’s items.

Golfers should have signs indicating do not touch on all of their items. Immediately after playing, they should go and sanitize. Also, golf clubs/ facilities shouldn’t take a lot of bookings.


Tennis just like golf is also a safe sport to play during this period. Tennis doesn’t involve any direct person to person contact and has multiple physical and mental benefits. Note that, just because tennis is a low-risk sport in connection to Coronavirus, it doesn’t mean we don’t practice proper hygiene. We know that contamination by respiratory droplets from an infected person can survive on hard surfaces up to three days. Always disinfect your surfaces as many times as possible.

Also, players should maintain a physical distancing of six feet apart from each other and should follow all the safety recommendations set.


Volleyball is among the sports that have been termed as dangerous during this Coronavirus time. A study commissioned by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), which was conducted by the Polytechnic of Turin for the purpose of safely restarting sports concluded that volleyball is among the most dangerous sports in connection with COVID-19. The reason for such a conclusion was because volleyball involves the act of blocking the opponent to avoid scoring. The players have direct physical contact with each other, which increases the risk of spreading the virus amongst themselves. The health of athletes, coaches, officials, fans, and everyone involved with this sport is more important than all other interests.


Two months later after the onset of Coronavirus, all basketball leagues were terminated as a way of controlling the virus. Basketball is played between two teams of five players each. It involves attacking and defensive skills. Since you must defend your team when the opponent is attacking, this brings the players together in closer proximity. At that point, you’re at risk of coming into contact with someone’s saliva droplets, which increases the rate of contracting the virus. People are advised to play at home.


Rugby is one of those sports that are hard to follow the rules of social distancing. We all know social distancing is important if you want to fight off corona. Research rated rugby as the most dangerous sport during this corona period. What makes rugby so dangerous is the fact that players run toward each other with their faces just inches apart. If they were allowed to play during this time, they’ll not be obeying social distancing rules. For the safety of everyone, the rugby union has been advised to change their material wears and avoid close proximity. Also, the balls must be washed during halftime and players to put on new uniforms. Coronavirus has surely impacted all aspects of society across the globe. With cancellations, delays, and cutbacks happening every day and that applies to the sports industry as well. Luckily, there are set guidelines to help us through this tough time.

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