Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling for Business

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It can be difficult to eat right and workout while traveling for business. Your schedule is always packed from one meeting to another. According to a study by Hilton Hotels & Resorts, productivity levels can reduce for business travelers. Therefore, you need to know how to engage in other activities while traveling so that you stay fit and be productive at the same time. When it comes to staying fit, the most common thing to do is exercise and eat less sugar and fats. However, there are other ways to stay fit while traveling for business. Here are seven of the best tips for staying fit while traveling.

Stay Active While You Travel

For someone who always travels, incorporating light physical activity while you commute can reduce the effects of sitting for long and keep you physically fit. In the airport, you can walk around to get your blood circulation going and kill time. If your destination area is in an active neighborhood, you can walk to your meeting whenever you can, plus you will get to explore the city you are in. Additionally, you can look around for a gym within the area you’re staying for a quick workout every day.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Staying fit requires you to get around seven to nine hours of sleep daily. Sometimes this can be impossible especially if you’re on a business trip. However, you need quality sleep for better concentration level during the day. Ensure you switch off any electronic device at night since it can disrupt your sleep. Close the curtain and turn off the lights too.
If possible, go to bed early so that you can rise early as well. Sleep also restores, refreshes and prepares your body for a good day.

Take Proper Care of Your Body

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While traveling, it’s easy to forget the rules you apply while back home to maintain good health and stay fit. Remember to drink plenty of water and once in a while shop for groceries to reduce the temptation to eat out for every meal. You should also bring your own snacks with you. On a business trip, calories loaded snacks and junk food are readily available. In case you’re left with no option but this high calories foods, choose energy or protein bars, nuts and seeds or dried fruits.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast increases your concentration and most importantly it kick-starts your metabolism making you less likely to reach for mid-morning snacks. You can fill your hotel room with fresh fruits and yogurt which gives you healthy alternatives. Choose healthier options on the breakfast menu. Go for tea over a full-fat latte to start the day alert and full of energy.

Prepare in Advance

Traveling for vacation is one thing, but a business trip requires early preparations both physically and mentally. You need to carry a pair of shorts and a shirt for a workout. Have a schedule for workout routine which ideally should be done around the same time every day. Learn to work out in the morning to clear your mind before you start your day. This way you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re on the road.

Take the Stairs

If the meeting rooms are located on the fourth or fifth floor, taking the stairs helps you work out and stay fit. Stairs can help burn calories faster, improve good cholesterol in the body, and maintain healthy body weight. With time you get used to the stairs which become part of your everyday routine.

Cut Back on Drinking

Everyone knows business trips are characterized by networking parties and liquid lunches. Almost every day you will get invited to brunch with lots of alcoholic drinks. You should control your consumption since alcohol is filled with empty calories and has a connection to belly fat. Plus, alcohol can dehydrate your body and if you go to the meetings drunk it can make you act less professional. This is not a good look for you or the company you’re representing. Alternatively, you can stick with soda water or lime. Moreover, if you must drink a few glasses of wine, do this at night not during the day.


The above strategies and tips have worked for several people while traveling for business. Business travels are a disruption to our normal regimen but by employing these tips you will feel confident in your healthy fitness even when you’re away. Fitness goes hand in hand with your lifestyle and there is no end to it.

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