How I Got My Husband to Finally Stop Snoring

My husband snores like a rhinoceros. Seriously. The bed shakes, the lamps shake and I’m pretty sure my brain shakes inside my own skull. Once I came home and could hear his snores from down the hall. I have slept ear plugs, I have slept with the pillow over my head, I had even started kicking him in my sleep. When his snoring began to affect my health and his happiness we decided it was time to take a stand.

The Dangers of Snoring

The fact is, snoring isn’t just annoying, it is potentially harmful to your health and to your loving relationship. I knew I woke up angry with my husband before our day had even begun because I felt as though he had cheated me out of a good nights rest. He wasn’t any happier with me when he saw the bruises i left from all my resentful kicking. When the day starts off like that it is all downhill from there. Not to mention, if you’re exhausted it is very unlikely you would be interested in doing anything intimate with each other.

So what do you do?Sleep in separate beds? At least thirteen percent of couples who struggle with snoring end up retreating to their own corners before bed. It may be more comfortable than sleeping on the sofa but you are missing out on plenty of intimate time. On top of all of this you have to consider the health risks of snoring aka sleep apnea. Apparently fifty percent of people who snore are at risk for sleep apnea. So what can you do to keep your bed fellow and your health?

The Warning Signs

First and foremost, observe what he is going in his sleep. If you don’t hear him gasping for air or choking in his sleep, he might be snoring just because he’s on his back. If he is in the habit of sleeping on his back try training him out of it. Take one of his shirts with a pocket on the front. Then ask him to wear it backwards at night with a tennis ball on in the pocket. Now everytime he goes to roll over on his back, he’ll have a tennis ball keeping him from reaching ultimate comfort. He’ll be forced to roll over on his side and so the snoring will diminish.

What to Avoid

A healthy lifestyle leads to healthy sleeping. If your husband is overweight or enjoys a few glasses of wine before bed, it might be time to change your set lifestyle. Begin exercising and eating more organic foods to lose weight. Then make sure neither of you drink any alcohol or take and sedatives three hours before you go to bed. When you are overweight, the extra tissue in your neck area contributes to snoring. Alcohol and sleeping pills relax the user until their mouth and throat are so loose that snoring takes over.

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