6 Tips To Get You Feeling Back to “Normal” After The Thanksgiving Feast

How to burn Thanksgiving Holiday FatWe hope everyone had a fantastic time during Thanksgiving with family and friends, but more likely than not you woke up this morning feeling less than stellar.

Form the drinking to the stuffing, chances are you did the absolute most on the holiday. While it is always well-deserved, you’re probably antsy to bounce back after indulging so much. After all, we do have to go to work on Monday…

Take a look at these “Thanksgiving Detox” tips that will help you feel in tip-top shape by tomorrow!

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1. Drink Water

Woke up feeling bloated and sluggish? The first thing you should be doing is drinking a ton of water. Have a liter before you even eat anything. This promotes digestion and, sorry to be graphic, will relieve that feeling of having a “brick” in your tummy.

Better yet, upon awaking, drink a nice warm cup of hot water with lemon. This does double duty on detoxification and de-bloating.

2. Eat Breakfast

It may be tempting to skip breakfast, but we promise that does more harm than good. You will simply get hungrier around lunch time and you will want to gorge on all those leftovers you have sticking around.

Instead, eat something – even if it’s light. Something like yogurt, granola and berries, oatmeal or an omelet should suffice and level out your blood sugar thanks to the dose of healthy fats and protein.

3. Go On A Walk, Exercise, and/or Stretch

While it may be reaching to tell  you to do an intense workout the day after Thanksgiving, if you’re feeling up to it, you should!

If not? Try doing little things like going on a walk or jog or even some yoga at home. This will help drain the lymphatic system, reduce water retention and get rid of that “overstuffed” feeling. It will also help you clear your head.

4. Plan The Week Ahead

What always helps me get back on the right foot is resetting. While a holiday party is always great, we need to look forward to going back to our routine.

My method of doing this is planning the week ahead on a calendar and by making a list of all the errands I need to run. From dropping off dry cleaning to plugging in my workouts for the week ahead, it’s important to recognize even the most mundane of tasks to feel like you’re on top of things.

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5. Dry Brush & Shower

It’s easy to get in the mindset of feeling like a slob, especially if you’re normally pretty rigid with your routine. While spending the long weekend in your pajamas is tempting, you should always practice self care.

To get myself feeling back to normal, I always practice a little routine. First I will dry brush, shower and then put a sheet mask on. It always leaves me feeling like a million bucks… or close to it.

6. Go Food Shopping

Finally, this is what I always do on Sunday nights anyways but it’s especially important after you’ve been celebrating for a few days. Have dinner and then head out to do your healthy shopping for a week. This way, you’ll be prepared to eat wholesome nutritious foods… until Christmas rolls around!

Do you  have any Thanksgiving Detox tips to share? How do you bounce back?


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