The Best Running Gadgets in 2019

running womanRunning remains one of the most preferable exercises for keeping fit. When you consider its convenience, effectiveness, and results, you’ll understand why. You don’t require any special equipment or facilities to start running. However, technology has a way of improving almost everything we do. Running gadgets can motivate a runner and make workouts fun and enjoyable. With these gadgets, you can know your heart rate, regulate your pace, protect your eyes, and learn how to be efficient. That’s why we bring you a list of must-have running gadgets every runner needs in 2019.

Run Sensor

If you’re keen on improving your performance and speed, then you need a sensor that monitors your steps, your pelvic movements, and how you apply breaks when you want to stop. There are various gadgets available for you to choose from. Among the highest ranking run sensors is the Lumo Run Sensor. Equipped with seven types of sensors, it’s lightweight and easy to attach at the back of your shorts. It comes with an app that converts all the information into an easy to read interface. This gadget also offers pre and post running exercise recommendations customized just for you. The live audio coaching is a great feature that helps you develop a great form on the go.


Phones have become part of our lifestyle and we simply can’t do without them. Since carrying them can be cumbersome while running, armbands provide the much-needed solution that makes it easy to take your phone with you. You need your arms to be free of any object for efficiency and nothing does this better than an armband. You can easily access your phone if you want to take photos, receive or take calls by detaching it from the magnetic case.

Waist Belt

The FlipBelt is a simple gadget that’s extremely productive for a runner. It conveniently makes carrying anything you want while running an easy job. From credit cards to a music device to your keys, you can carry them all and still run hands-free. The straps of a FlipBelt adjust to fit your body perfectly without bouncing around and regardless of how you run, your items will be secure.


Running in urban areas means that you have to maneuver the streets to avoid hitting people, and this can slow you down. However, with a Runbell, you can let other people know that you’re coming through. Creatively designed to fit the fingers, you can ring the bell using the thumb to produce a sound that’s not easy to ignore. People will obviously think it’s a bike passing through only to be surprised to see you.

Running Lights

Just like a Runbell puts people on alert about a runner passing through, running lights help you to see and be seen if you like running late in the evening or very early in the morning. You need a gadget that you don’t have to hold while you’re running. That’s where Knuckle Lights come in handy. These light gadgets come in a pair, one for each hand. This makes it easier to signal other people to get out of the way as well as motorists and cyclists when you want to cross the road. The straps are adjustable for easy fit.

Running Sunglasses

Dust, insects and other particles in the air can slow you down if you don’t have eye protection gear. As a runner, you need to invest in good sunglasses created for running. The Oakley Flight Jacket comes with a frame-shaped for comfortability and secure fit. The ear grips and nose pads are strategically placed to handle sweat. The lens uses Prizm technology which adjusts to suit light conditions. This gives you a clear vision even when the sun is too bright.

Foam Roller

Every runner experiences sore muscles once in a while and we all know how difficult it can be to run with achy muscles. A foam roller is an ideal gadget to relieve pain naturally. It’s very helpful after a tough training session and helps to stretch and relax those muscles.
Foam rollers improve circulation and flexibility, which makes it an important gadget for runners in 2019. Plus, you can carry your foam roller whenever you travel, even out-of-state.

Running Watch

running watch

Your running gadgets won’t be complete if you don’t have a running watch. This is not just an ordinary watch, but one designed to track specific fitness goals such as mileage, pace, and heart rate. Garmin Forerunner offers some of the best running watches in the industry. Its longevity in a fiercely competitive market proves its worthiness, reliability, and efficiency. It automatically uploads notifications to your mobile device and has GPS tracking. It also helps to track your activity, trace your sleep patterns, count calories and the number of steps you take daily. That’s the beauty of technology.


There are hundreds of running gadgets in the market that can make your workout sessions practical, effective and help you stay on the right track. Now achieving your fitness goals is possible without the need to manually record your workout details. Running gadgets provide information about your body’s performance that would otherwise be hard to come by. So, go out and get yourself one of these gadgets and have fun!

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