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Mac Lipstick vs Urban Decay Lipstick

If you only have time to apply one kind of makeup, it should definitely be lipstick. The best way to choose a lipstick is to asses your lifestyle and try on a wide variety of shades.  If you’re looking for an office appropriate lipstick, your preference may be for something more natural looking. If you’re going out on the town, your lipstick can be more bright. Do you like solid lipsticks that you can apply from the tube or do you prefer the precision of a liquid lipstick that uses a brush for application? More expensive makeup brands allow you to try on each shade, whereas more affordable drugstore brands don’t have these options. Two brands that are know for there iconic and new lipsticks are MAC Cosmetics and Urban Decay.

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Mac Lipsticks(photo via)

MAC Cosmetics are sold at MAC stores, Amazon, MAC Counters and on their website. One of the signature features of their lipsticks are the 10 different finishes  for different looks and wear. The 10 finishes are Matte, Retro Matte, Frost, Glaze, Satin, Amplified, Amplified Creme, Cremesheen, Dazzle, and Lustre. Matte and Retro Matte are the longest lasting lipsticks, but they are very drying. Satin is the more traditional lipstick finish while Amplified, Amplified Creme, and Cremesheen lipsticks are opaque creamy lipsticks with long stay power, but they are more likely to melt in high temperatures.

All these different finishes allow you to find your perfect lipstick, but there are some drawbacks to MAC lipsticks. Although MAC does not do animal testing in the United States, it does in China. Many customers have also complained about the lack of customer service over the phone, online, and even in stores. Plus, in an FDA test these lipsticks tested positive for lead and also contain crushed bugs which is called carmine on the label. Cancer causing chemicals such as methylparaben and propylparaben are also in the lipsticks. Here are some of the pros and cons of MAC Lipsticks:


  • 10 different finishes
  • A shade in every color including black and white
  • Over 100 different permanent and limited edition shades


  • Contain crushed bugs and cancer causing ingredients
  • Can cause lip irritation and allergic reaction

Urban Decay Naked Revolution Lipsticks(photo via)

Urban Decay is known for their eyeshadows but have recently released a new line of lipsticks called Naked Revolution Lipstick. They can be purchased at Sephora, Amazon or at Urban Decay’s website . These creamy long lasting lipsticks come in pinks, reds, browns, and purples. Jojoba oil, avocado oil, coco butter and shea butter are some of the natural products that make this lipstick so nourishing. These lipsticks are vegan friendly and Urban Decay does not test on animals. Every lipstick shade has a matching lip liner which is also vegan friendly. As compared to other types of lipsticks there aren’t that many reviews or information online from customers since the product is so new. However, there are an overwhelming number of positive reviews on YouTube so far.

Some of the drawbacks of these lipsticks are that they only come in 22 shades and not all of the colors are unique or eye catching. These lipsticks are also very expensive, $22 each which is 7 more dollars than MAC and 15 more dollars than the average drugstore lipstick. For something that can melt or be lost easily in your pocketbook it seems like a lot of money. Also there is only on type of finish no long lasting classic mattes or sparkly lustre shades. Before you try these lipsticks lets take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Creamy and long lasting
  • made with natural ingriednts


  • Are more expensive then most lipsticks
  • Have a limited shade range
  • Only have one finish

The Verdict: If your looking for the healthiest option you should probably go with an Urban Decay lipstick. But if you want a unique shade for a special occasion, you should try MAC.

What’s your signature lipstick?

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