Three Routines for the Weight-Room Cardio Workout


There are diverse exercise regimes which are ideal for losing weight and keeping fit. It is crucial to choose the right physical activity to ensure that your entire body receives the health benefits. One of the best workouts in the current fitness world is cardio exercise. This type of physical activity is designed to raise the heart rate through high to low intensity movement. The increased pumping of blood will allow more oxygen to be delivered to your muscles and cell during the workout and even inactivity. Consequently, you will have more energy and the fat deposits in the body will be consumed.

The weight-room cardio workout aims to achieve this same fitness goal while promoting muscle building. You can join a gym for the weight-room cardio or purchase dumbbells for home use. Ideally, you should start with a set of weights weighing five to ten pounds depending on your capability. In addition, perform each of the weight-room cardio exercises for a minute and squeeze in as many reps as possible. Here are three simple routines advance your cardio and bodybuilding fitness regime.

Bent-Over Row

For this exercise, take a dumbbell in each of your hands and bend your body forward. You should ensure that your arms have fallen in line with your shoulders and your palms should be at least at your knee level. Next, raise the elbows by bending them out to the side of your body such that the weights are lifted towards the chest. Your upper arms should be in line with shoulder level during this lift. Avoid shrugging your shoulders when lifting because this could strain your muscles. Instead, squeeze the shoulder blades to get more stability. Finally, lower your arms to the original position to complete a single rep.

Squat to Upper Press

Stand with your feet apart while holding your dumbbells at the shoulder level. Drop your lower body into a squat and keep your upper body upright. You should also ensure that your knees are positioned over the toes. This is your starting position. Push your body through the heels towards a standing position while lifting the dumbbells upwards over your head. Finally, lower the weights and your body to the starting position to complete a rep.

Push-up Row

Bent Row

You will need to get into the regular push-up position for this weight-room cardio routine. However, your feet should be placed with a slightly wider gap and the dumbbells should remain in your hands. Lower your body as in normal push-ups to the floor by bending the elbows and then press it upwards. Next, lift the weight in one hand towards your chest by bending your elbow. This lifting motion is similar to the one in the aforementioned bent-over row. Lower that arm back to the floor and repeat the row using the other side for uniformity in order to complete one rep.

The weight-room cardio workout routines should be performed in a fast pace with short rests in between. The exercise will utilise the total-body resistance to build strength and raise your heart rate to boost the metabolism during the break.

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