Three Tips for Using Bronzer


Bronzers are one of the hottest products on the market today! Since getting a “real” tan is not healthy, bronzers have come into their own with their ability to give your face a fresh sun kissed look we all love. Used properly, bronzers make the skin glow and highlight all the great things about your face. However, bronzer is a product that is very easy to misuse, and we all need a little instruction on how to choose and use bronzer in the right way. Here are three tips for using bronzer that will give you that healthy, sun kissed look!

Know your Bronzer Shade

You must know your shade in order to purchase the right bronzer. The make-up counter in major department stores will be happy to assist you with picking a shade. However, if you are going to go to your local drugstore make-up display, here are some guidelines. You want to choose a shade that is only two shades darker than your own skin. Anything darker can look splotchy and dirty on your skin. Light complexions should go with honey colored bronzers. Medium tones should look for rose or golden bronzers, and dark tones need amber or tawny tones. You may also want to go with a very slightly darker foundation as well. You can play around with it until you get it right. Make sure you purchase bronzer at a store that allows you to return the product if you are not satisfied.

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The Right Tool To Apply Bronzer

You must have the right tool to apply bronzer. You should not use your blusher brush for your bronzer too. There are specialty bronzer brushes, but any fluffy brush with rounded edges will work fine. A foundation or blush brush used only for bronzer is sufficient. If the bristles are too small or too tight, your bronzer will go on streaky and blotchy making it look like you got a bad spray tan! In addition, make sure you take proper care of your brushes. Wash them once a month with warm water and gentle soap. Place them bristles up in a cup to dry naturally.

Placement of Bronzer

The placement of your bronzer is the most important aspect of using this product. You want just a touch of color to enhance your look. While looking in the mirror, imagine a large number three on both sides of your face. This is where you lightly brush on the bronzer. Starting at the forehead, circle around the outside of your eye and come in across the cheekbone. Then moving out again, circle down along your jawline. For added contouring, suck in your cheeks and lightly brush a little bronzer into the depression your created. This will highlight your cheekbones and make them more prominent and make your face appear slimmer. A little bronzer just under the jaw line can diminish the appearance of a double chin as well.

These three tips for using bronzer will have your skin looking healthy and sun kissed in no time at all.

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