Thriller Jump and Pump Workout

Thriller Jump and Pump WorkoutIt isn’t really Halloween until you play a little Thriller. The pop tune gets everyone in the spooky spirit with their Thriller arms ready making it a signature song for any holiday festivities.

Thriller may be one of the greatest hits to come out of the late Michael Jackson. The pop tune is catchy and entertaining with just the right amount of creepiness included. The well-recognized Thriller dance is one that can really get your heart rate up (don’t act like your living room hasn’t seen a bit of Thriller action), but the soulful, funky ballads make us want break a sweat through a jump-a-thon. Extra points for those who can nail this workout with Thriller arms!

The Beat:


The Workout:

Jump and Pump to Thriller by Michael Jackson

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Do you have a Thriller obsession? What jumping moves were left off of the list?

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