Why You Should Go To Bed The Same Time As Tom Brady

Tom BradySome would argue that football player Tom Brady is at the height of his career. And guess what? He’s 40 years old, which is way past the age where most quarterbacks retire. So, how exactly does Brady keep up with the demand of his job? Well, he goes to bed really, really early.

Brady did an interview with WEEI radio in Boston, and revealed that his bed time is usually around 8:30 PM. “I do go to bed very early because I’m up very early. I think that the decisions that I make always center around performance enhancement, if that makes sense,” Brady said. He continued, “So whether that’s what I eat or what decisions I make or whether I drink or don’t drink, it’s always football-centric. I want to be the best I can be every day. I want to be the best I can be every week.”

Sleep Position Matters – Healthy Sleeping Positions

Now you might be saying, “hey, Tom Brady is a football player, of course he needs to go to be super early.” But it’s more of the reason why Brady makes the time to take care of his sleeping habits. Performance enhancement doesn’t just apply to the guys in the NFL. Getting more sleep can help so many people in a variety of careers perform better at their jobs. In fact, it’s been indicated that sleep can improve memory, spur creativity and sharpen attention. Not to mention, have a positive impact on your health.

It’s also really refreshing to see how conscious Brady is about his health, especially as he goes into his 40s.

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What do you think about Tom Brady’s bedtime?


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