Top 10 Foods for Clear Skin

Some people win the hereditary lottery when it comes to great, glowing skin.

This time of year I am reminded that I am not one of them.

When it becomes summer in the city we are blessed with patios, pitchers of sangria and picnic in Central Park, but we are also slapped in the face by the worst part of this wonderful weather:  the dreaded humidity and dry skin in the summer . Heat like this paired with endless walking around and being trapped underground on the subway platforms has me over-the-top begging for AC. Let’s just say that the glimmer on my face is not some bronzer glistening from the sun’s rays…it is my skin’s worse nightmare.

Despite my religious face regimen, during these humid months I feel like I am reliving my teenage years. The thing is, what you can do to beautify your skin is remarkably similar to what you can do to keep your heart healthy, your weight under control and your mood in a happy place…eat your way to health! All the expensive skin products in the world won’t achieve healthy skin without a little bit of assistance from the inside out.

Here’s what should be on your menu to help you achieve gorgeous, clear skin:

  1. Water: Flush out any blemish-causing toxins and rejuvenate your skin cells by drinking plain, pure H20. Water keeps your skin hydrated which means your sweat glands work more efficiently so your pores don’t get clogged. Keep a water bottle with you at all times to remind you to drink up wherever you are as it is the most critical nutrient for clear skin.
  2. Green Tea: The miracle tea is an all-around detox for your body that can help flush out infections, help prevent pimples from popping up and brighten your skin. It also has protective antioxidant qualities that can help even out skin tone (for after a breakout) and act as an effective anti-inflammatory. Beware of the bottled green stuff that is often full of added sugar and calories. I like to make sun green tea in my windowsill so I know it is wholesome and untainted!
  3. Whole Grains: Fiber-packed whole grains thwart acne-causing inflammation because they contain selenium, a natural remedy to aid in acne. Ditch refined carbs and choose those made with whole grain flour like brown rice, quinoa, barley, oats, millet or whole grain pasta. For clear skin, include at least 3 servings of whole grains into your diet daily.
  4. Carrots: The orange wonder wands are blemish blasters. The healthy dose of vitamins for your skin especially vitamin A, an essential for healthy skin, prevents the overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer. That means fewer dead cells to clog pores. Now you know why so many topical creams include this versatile nutrient. Add carrots to your snack bag and salads often.
  5. Yogurt: Studies have shown that people with acne have lower than normal stomach acids which are a risk factor in bacterial imbalance. A probiotic can normalize your digestive tract and in turn help with acne control. The good bacteria found in yogurt can help balance the pH levels of your skin and when your sin is in balance you are more likely to ward off oil or infections. Needless to say I am thankful for my Cho addiction.
  6. Nuts: There are many benefits for your skin that come from nuts one being vitamin E. Vitamin E is excellent for skin renewal and protects your facial tissue from minor irritations (which as we know is often the start of acne). Having an acne flare-up? Go nuts for almonds or walnuts
  7. Purple and Deep Red Foods: Beet lovers get the perks of optimum cell turnover (aka clear pores) because of the antioxidants found in food with anthocyanins (the pigment that gives some food their beautiful purple and red color). Not a beet fan? Acai, pomegranates, purple kale or grapes are perfect alternatives.
  8. Salmon: High in omega-3 fatty acids, eating salmon can help get rid of clogged pores and lesson inflammation of the skin. Boost your consumption of the nutrient heavy fish by adding it to your menu board at least once a week.
  9. Cucumbers: The water dense food is great for cleansing the skin. It is also high in fiber and vitamin C which helps with skin inflammation and puffiness. I know we put cucumber slices on our eyes at the spa, but perhaps we should put them all over our face when a breakout occurs!
  10. Strawberries: The red berry can help clear acne naturally. Being an all-natural source of alicylic acid (an effective acne fighting agent that is found in many skin care products), strawberries are an acne cure-all and also help with skin toning and conditioning. Make this fresh strawberry mask to cure acne today…if you can resist popping them into your mouth!

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I feel like a Proactive commercial talking about acne relief, but you can turn your skin complexion around with your healthy eats. The whole-food movement really does have whole body advantages.

Smart foodies know you can eat and drink your way to luminous clear skin!

What clear skin food is on your menu? Share your beauty secrets!

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  1. Talia, what a great list of goods. Add some blueberries to those strawberries for more antioxidant power and some added purple for those beet haters. The US dept of Agriculture ranks it number one in oxidative power preventing premature aging of the skin and the brain. Cool little berry huh? Purple power!

    • Thanks for the information, Jana! I am learning to like blueberries…they are the berry that I am least fond of, but now I have more reason to eat them up!

      • Berry you’re least fond of?!? No way! They’re my faves! Yes, yes give them another shot – they’ll find their way into your heart eventually, I’m sure of it :).

        My skin is SO MUCH better now than even a few ears ago, and I absolutely believe it’s a testament to the cleaner diet I’ve chosen.

        My biggest battle is with sugar – even in the “natural” forms – but my face reminds me when I’ve gone overboard by giving me those lovely little visual reminders on my face.

        Thanks for the great list Talia and great reminders!

  2. Not being a fruit eater (horrors! I know), I’m glad several other foods make the list. Thanks for helping us get our glow on!

  3. aaaahhh yesss something I’m doing VERY right! hehe~all my fave foods are on this list 😀 And I think avocado helps with that although it is fatty (but good fats), and I eat probably the equivalent of 1/2 of an avocado every day! Also, I love to eat anything with coconut. I’m not 100% sure if this is proven, but I heard that yams and sweet potatoes are great for clear and glowing skin. I know that Asians eat yam as a staple food and I always hear from people that they like Asian people’s skin complexion (my husband says that)! So perhaps there’s something to it? 🙂

  4. I didn’t know about the purple and red foods; very interesting!
    I’ve been blessed with very even skin; no breakouts, no dry patches nothing. Hate me!

    I think the healthy living and clean eating are probably a big part of it (and my new found addiction to Arbonne’s RE9 skin care system…)

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