Top Fitness Trends for 2019

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The fitness industry is going to be even bigger in 2019 according to fitness experts who are convinced fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearables will be fitness trends number one in 2019. In a survey published in the ACSM Health & Fitness Journal, other fitness workouts like the high-intensity interval training, and group training, as well as yoga, are among the popular fitness trends which are here to stay. A start of a new year marks the beginning of new goals and achievements. Among the things we look forward to achieving in 2019, fitness tops the list. As you look for new ways to modify your regular workout routine, you might want to have a look at some of the top fitness trends for 2019.

Sustainable Fitness

Fitness goes beyond just training to other things like healthy nutrition which should be sustainable. Sustainability comes with better and more dynamic ways to keep fit through training and diet. A few years ago losing weight and becoming muscular were some of the driving factors in the fitness world. However, this is not the case in 2019. The goal in 2019 is to live without unnecessary physical pain and deterioration. Hence in sustainable fitness, it begins with a proper diet then the training equipment. This trend involves offering packages that are accessible on a flexible basis. Also, a lasting behavior specifically the integration of fitness into our everyday life.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT has gained popularity in the past years due to its ability to deliver rapid fitness improvements. It was mentioned among the top trends with undeniable results particularly for working professionals who have less time to hit the gym. HIIT involves many concepts such as short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise followed by a period of rest. This trendy workout is quick and very effective for people who want prompt results within no time. You can also apply it in health-oriented training for diabetics, which yields a positive impact.

Group Training

This will be the second most popular fitness trend in 2019 according to ACSM since the classes are highly motivational and help in exchanging tips and tricks. When training as a group you always have lots of fun which go hand-in-hand with big events and competition.
Group training can be done online or offline through smartphones and social media. The idea here is to cover a wide range of activities like spin, dance, aquatics, and cardio together which becomes much easier because you’re complimenting each other.


Yoga has been in the list for trendy fitness routine for many years. With years’ yoga has seen a greater growth to many forms like power yoga, yogalates, standup paddleboard yoga, yoga in hot environments and more. We are looking forward to new and innovative yoga routines in 2019.

Wearable Technology

This is one of the most modern and trendy fitness according to ACSM. It involves smartwatches, fitness trackers, GPS sports watches, and heart rate sensors that can track heart calories, rate, sitting time and general health data. This kind of technology helps provide the user with enough information to effectively and safely design their training regimen. Additionally, the use of a smartphone to connect with other members for cardio consoles is very crucial in the fitness world. Plus, you are able to access mobile training apps with a workout tracking system.

Personal Training (Employing Certified Fitness Professionals)

The trend of employing certified fitness trainers is not going away any day soon. More and more health clubs are relying on these professionals to work one on one with them to come up with an innovative training schedule to meet their daily workouts. Many fitness enthusiasts want a secluded fitness instructor for personalized assistance, more attention, and support to achieve their fitness needs. This has become the trend in recent years which has seen many trainers becoming business minded and opening up boutique studios. Here they offer memberships to a small target group in return they provide them with high-quality training programs at a cost.

Fitness Program for Older Adults

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According to ACSM’s ranking, older adults program is fourth in the list. The program emphasizes the need to cater to the older generation. Exercising helps maintain bone density, muscle mass and other health benefits that follow being physically active. Functional fitness should be incorporated in older adults training to help improve their balance, strength, coordination, and endurance on their daily activities.


Exercising can be used as a form of medicine. Therefore, health care providers should include physical assessment activities and related treatment as part of patient recovery. Make 2019 a year of fitness and set reasonable goals which are open to changes once in a while. Furthermore, there are other home exercises that don’t involve heavy lifting you should try and do on your own free time.

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