Top Workout Tracks to Motivate You

There is a big debate in the fitness and workout world about the effectiveness of listening to music and working out at the same time. While you may be firmly on one side or the other of the issue, it’s important to consider and weigh carefully the arguments of the other side before you proceed.

In favor of music while working out, some point out that having music keeps them focused and shuts out distractions. An hour-long workout session can go by seemingly fast, and they do not encounter any boredom during the workout. The opposing side swears by no music at all. Rather, they say music can be distracting and lead to less intense workouts.

That said, whether you use music during the workout or only listen to it beforehand, here are some motivating tracks that can get you in the mindset for a powerful workout.

Best Rock Tracks for Workouts

Rock music is a natural fit for workouts. With a heavy, insistent, beat and crunchy power chords, this genre can help you get into the groove for a serious workout.

One of the top tracks that have a motivating message for facing the challenge of working out is Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” Petty’s defiant, determined vocal and the crescendo of hard rock guitars make a perfect backdrop to any hard weightlifting.

Another inspirational track in this genre is Survivor’s “ Eye Of The Tiger.” Made famous in the Rocky Balboa movie series, this was a track that the movie’s hero, played by Sylvester Stallone, would work out to. It might just inspire you to aim higher with your workouts.

Best Country Tracks for Workouts

<p>Country might be a more laid back genre of music than rock- but that does not mean that it can&rsquo;t motivate you to withstand the hardships of the gym. In fact, the mellow tones of country can make it the ideal background. It’s music that lets you focus on your bench press or squats.

&ldquo;My Kinda Party&rdquo; by Jason Aldean is one of those country songs that can lighten the mood of your workouts. There is no reason to view working out as a chore. You can let Aldean&rsquo;s Southern twang and happy lyrics about partying in Georgia set the tone. The only difference is, you will be partying it up in the workout.

Taylor Swift&rsquo;s &ldquo;Mean&rdquo; expresses the struggles and aspirations of small-town country with big dreams. The lyrics, about staring down a formidable adversary, are a pointed metaphor that applies well to lifting weights or running the treadmill.

The Top Workout Tunes for Hip Hop Fans

Hip-hop is another of the genres of music that have seen a rise in popularity. It’s about tales of struggle and working to beat the odds, along with memorable hooks.

Daddy Yankee&rsquo;s &ldquo;Gasolina&rdquo; blends infectious crooning with a highly active beat to make one of the genre&rsquo;s great workout songs. Though you might not understand the Spanish in this track, you will be half tempted to dance along during your workout. Don&rsquo;t, just pump the weights harder instead.

Another hip-hop track that can spur you to workout better than ever before is the classic &ldquo;U Can&rsquo;t Touch This&rdquo; by MC Hammer. Hammer was a great dancer in his heyday and this song is as inspiring for the dance floor as it is for the gym.

Listening to Audiobooks During Workout

If music is not your thing, you might prefer to workout with an audiobook playing in the background instead. Audiobooks can be a great tool for educating yourself while doing other important things, like working out.

You can find audiobooks to purchase on platforms like Amazon&rsquo;s Audible and Apple&rsquo;s iTunes. Some good audiobooks to inspire your workouts include Tom Brady&rsquo;s &ldquo; The TB12 Method&rdquo; and Kobe Bryant&rsquo;s &ldquo; The Mamba Mentality: How I Play.&rdquo; These are books by athletes who have competed at the pinnacle of sports and have certainly paid their dues in the gym. Hearing it straight from the greats will motivate you to give every workout your best.

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