Will Working Out Twice a Day Actually Help You Lose More Weight?

Is the Body Capable of Working Out Twice a Day?

In a word: yes. The human body is capable of working out twice a day. But the answer is a little more complex than a simple yes or no.

Are you an athlete? Are you looking to ramp up your regular work outs? Or are you just starting a workout regimen to boost your health? Athletes are probably more than used to working out more than once a day, their bodies can take it. If you are looking to ramp up your regular workout routine, make sure you are juxtaposing your workouts as you go. Doing two high intensity workouts on the same day could fatigue your body and you could injure yourself. However, jogging in the morning and going to a yin yoga class in the evening might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Just be safe.

If you are just beginning this whole workout thing, your body is also capable of working out twice a day. Working out twice a day a few days a week might even fit into your schedule better than working out once a day. However, keep in mind that you could definitely injure yourself. So be sure to pair the types of workouts you’d like to do intelligently.

How to Work Out Twice a Day Safely

Structuring your workouts is necessary for twice a day activity. Work out different parts of your body each time, i.e. you don’t want to do legs twice or you could injure yourself. Pair cardio with strength training or stretching for maximum benefits. When you are looking into how much time to spend for each work out, that is up to you. We would recommend splitting one long workout (60-80 minutes) into two workouts (30-40 minutes). Of course, you could even reap benefits from doing two 15 minute work outs.

With this style of working out, we should caution you to be careful of fatigue. Rest days are incredibly important to build muscle and prevent injury. Over exertion can be dangerous. So, be sure to plan for rest days and enjoy them.

Will I Lose More Weight?

The jury is out on that one. On one hand, you get the metabolic-boosting after effects of working out for two hours after each sweat session. Plus, you get to rest in between each session, so you may have more energy to throw at each work out. On the other hand, sustained activity helps to boosts endurance and strength a little more.

Overall, there are experts who love the idea because it turns workouts into manageable “bite sized” moments throughout your day. There are other experts who dislike it because they fear that someone new to being active will get overwhelmed and burnt out too quickly. We would counsel that if you are interested in working out twice a day, why not give it a shot? If you don’t like it, you could always go back to once a day. Just keep moving!

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